New Jersey: Gay Couple Discovers They Are in Fact Long Lost Twins

Asbury Park, NJ | A New Jersey couple had the surprise of their life after a DNA test proved the lovers were, in fact, twin brothers.

Both men were convinced into going for DNA tests after friends and family members urged them to check out if they had any family ties due to their remarkable resemblance.

“We did the tests partly as a joke and to shut up some of our friends who were constantly teasing us about being cousins,” remarks Jason.

“Never did I expect to learn we were in fact long lost twins” he admits, visibly disheartened by the news.

“The man that I expected to spend my life with, my soul mate, is, in fact, my twin brother. I don’t know if I have to cry or to jump with joy,” he admits in tears.


Jason Osbourne and Alex Brown, who met two years ago during a modeling gig in New York, have since been inseparable

Facing reality

If Jason Osbourne believes the DNA testing has brought them a relatively good news, his twin brother Alex does not take it as lightly.

“Alex refuses to talk to me anymore, he even threatened to turn heterosexual over the whole affair, saying that he now wants a normal life like everyone else,” he acknowledged with sadness.

“I told him we should cherish this news and celebrate the fact we have found each other again, but he doesn’t see it that way,” he told local reporters.

Separated from youth

Both men were separated at birth and adopted in different families although they both were unaware of this fact until the DNA testing.

“It’s only when I confronted my parents that they finally admitted to the truth,” admits Jason Osbourne.

“First I learn that my gay lover is my twin brother, now I learn I was adopted and that my parents have lied to me all my life. What a heck of a way to celebrate my 25th birthday” he adds, visibly furious.

“Sometimes I wish we had never gone for that DNA test,” he added.

Sexual relations between siblings are prohibited in the United States but the two brothers should not be prosecuted because of the particularities of this specific case, believe legal experts.

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  1. what an amazing, ironic coincidence. i’m sure in time they will move past their sadness and on to gratitude for the brotherly connection. god bless ’em.

  2. Proof that white gays only look to date themselves. Smh

    • That is a very racist comment to post.

    • Racist? I never knew homosexuality was a race.

    • Did you miss the part where they said ‘white’…?

    • Simplistic and ignorant arm-chair psychology.

    • In Boystown Chicago we refer to gay male couples that look startlingly alike as ‘Bookends’. And it is mostly white gay men that do this. It’s very narcissistic and possibly even racist.

    • Oh do be quiet, Quincy. You’re the one that just generalized about white gay men, making you sound like a racist with a chip on your shoulder. All a question of taste, but yet another whiny sjw has to make it about race.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more lindsay! “Proof that white gays only look to date themselves!” Couldn’t have said it better myself even if I tried! Close-minded Carbon copy narcissistic men. I think this is truly SICK AS HELL! And the fact that the one twin is considering some twisted reconciliation is even more disgusting than the fact that it already happened before they knew!

    • White men want to think they can suffer racism aww~

    • Lindsay is proof that Some should had been terminated before birth.

  3. If I were one of the very party, I will seriously melt down. I met my partner as a soul mate who also turns out to be an exact soul match. To be or not to be.

  4. There is joy and sadness at the same time. I’m certain they are both heartbroken and for that I feel for both brothers. May they in time rejoin as best of friends and soul mates.

  5. Well how narcisstic to the extreme. That’s what they get

    • John Kearney | February 14, 2016 at 9:34 am |

      That’s a faggy response.

    • Gloria Rosen | February 17, 2016 at 3:32 am |

      They were not brought up as brothers – they met as strangers. T
      he only reason for objection to incest is
      the the possible effect on children. Which, in this case, is unlikely. I feel sad for them that they are
      so devasted by this information.

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