New Jersey brother and sister allowed to marry after 10-year-long court battle

A New Jersey brother and sister have won the right to marry after a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States.

In a 5-to-4 ruling, five judges unanimously granted the appeal by James Banes, 41, and Victoria Banes, 38, today after a ten-year-long battle. 

The overjoyed pair said they did it for the ‘millions of Americans who have consensual incestuous relationships and who are living in fear’ and blasted the Government for wasting taxpayers’ money fighting their challenge.

“Incest has been practiced by humans since the dawn of time. If Adam and Eve hadn’t done it, the human race would not be here today,” James Banes told reporters after his historic victory.

The Banes family lawyer, Julianne Grey, argued that criminalizing incestuous marriage while first-cousin marriage was legal in the state of New Jersey was a nonsensical and discriminatory measure.

“Why am I allowed to bang my cousin but not my sister? It just doesn’t make any sense,” James Banes criticized outside of court.

The couple that was currently facing up to 15 years in jail said that they were now planning to start a large family and enjoy their newly found freedom.

“We’ve always dreamed of having a big family, now this dream will become a reality” added Victoria Banes, who also told reporters she is pregnant and expecting twins.

Previously, New Jersey state laws only allowed first-cousin marriages but since the landmark ruling, New Jersey is now the only state in the country to also allow incestuous marriages.

8 Comments on "New Jersey brother and sister allowed to marry after 10-year-long court battle"

  1. Wait till their kids come out all messed up there’s a reason this isn’t right they wanna learn the hard way fine it’s not just god punishing them it’s scientifically proven please someone Share updates on their kids


  3. Kitty Del Ra | April 27, 2020 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    Hey Wanda, maybe they are not Christian. I don’t condone it, especially with having kids, but it’s none of my business.

    • If he isnt Christian, then he should not be using the bible as an example to support his rights.

    • Ann clarissa | April 30, 2020 at 12:04 am |

      You’ll say the same when pedophiles are marrying and raping babies. Not our business. Live is love. I can already see it.

  4. Its not yours or my concern thier choice not condoning it but god loves all his children and it is his judgement not ours

    • Ann Clarissa | April 30, 2020 at 12:07 am |

      God does not live everyone. And many will be destroyed. Many. Including these incestuous beings bringing deformed children into the world. We have come so far from God. I pray Christ comes soon.

  5. Wanda Akerstrom | April 26, 2020 at 7:53 pm | Reply

    This is not in line with God’s word. How can we Christians stand by and do nothing about this horrible thing. I have always said God’s word means nothing to anyone anymore. What are our children going to think when all their lives we as Christian pareñts have tried to reach them the Godly way and we let our courts say this is OK! It makes me sick and I hope God does ñot put up with us to much longer. My Godly mother and Grandmother would turn over in their grave. How can we just let this happen under our noses. I’m so sorry to our children that everything we have tried to reach teach them has gone to the dogs. When are we as God’s children going to stand up and fight. I need a few fighter’s who won’t give up. Remember don’t give up on a brink of miracle for we still serve a risen savior.

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