New childhood pictures of Justin Trudeau come back to haunt him

Embroiled in a scandal over his past wearing of blackface and brownface, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now faces international criticism after new childhood pictures of his brother and him riding on the back of black children during a trip to Kenya.

The Canadian leader who’s actually running for reelection was embarrassed by two pictures and one video showing him wearing racist makeup during the first week of the election campaign.

This new picture taken in 1981 by a Kenyan diplomat has stirred outrage around the world, bringing reactions from several Canadian politicians as well as foreign leaders.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, said the recent series of revelations about Justin Trudeau’s past tend to show a “darker and creepier side hidden behind his good-guy image”.

“I’m shocked and disgusted!  That kind of racist behavior is not OK. It wasn’t OK then and it’s not OK now. He’s a racist fake!”

Even U.S. President Donald Trump commented on the pictures and the scandal during a press conference this morning.

“I always got along well with Justin, but I never knew he liked to dress up in racist costumes or ride black kids. I’m extremely surprised to learn about all that.”

A photo of Justin Trudeau at West Point Grey Academy’s Arabian Nights gala in April 2001 was the first of a series of picture suggesting Trudeau in racially sensible positions revealed over only a few days.

Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada since 2015 and he has built his political career around his image of a modern open-minded politician.

This series of pictures and videos which seems to become longer and more shocking every day has already affected his party, which was largely favorite for the upcoming election.

The latest polls suggest his Liberal Party of Canada could now finish second, as its image of the left-wing multiculturally-oriented party was hit hard by its leader’s racist past.

2 Comments on "New childhood pictures of Justin Trudeau come back to haunt him"

  1. Michael Woodbridge | August 31, 2022 at 9:02 pm | Reply

    What a lot of hullabaloo about nothing! The serious thing about Trudeau is not that he may have had a bit of fun as a child or young man but the damage his intolerant brand of liberalism is doing to the country now. If we want to criticise him we don’t need to share his ‘woke’ hypocrisy. More to the point would be to take him to task for his treatment of the Canadian lorry drivers.

  2. He was a child!! It’s his parents that should have known better

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