Nevada: Morgue Employee arrested for pimping out corpses for sex

Las Vegas, Nevada | A morgue employee from the City of Sins was arrested this morning, for letting visitors have sex with the bodies under his care in exchange for money.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, 36-year old James Whitaker pushed the motto “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” to a whole new level, by operating a cadaver brothel for more than 2 years.

Mr. Whitaker met his customers through a private internet site on which he advertised the corpses readily available at the Clark County Coroner’s office, where he worked the night shift as a medical examiner.

According to investigators, he asked customers from $1,500 to $5,000 per sexual encounter, depending on the “quality of the merchandise”.

LVNPD spokesman Lt. Jamal Brown said the accused was arrested after he accepted to sell the services of a 49-year car accident victim to an undercover agent.

“Investigators had to spend months chatting with him on necrophile forums before he let his guard down and offered his services. A sting operation was rapidly organized and he was arrested on the spot.”

Lt. Brown says Mr. Whitaker admitted he’d been operating his unusual brothel for more than 5 years and claimed to have some customers from around the world.

“He told us he had customers in almost every American states, as well as Mexico, Europe, and Asia. He even claims to have some Middle Eastern princes among his regulars”. 

LVNPD spokesman Lt. Jamal Brown described the accused as a “proud necrophile” who considered himself a victim of sexual discrimination.

James Whitaker will now face a total of 1734 criminal charges of necrophilia, corpse desecrations and felony mutilation of human remains and could face up to 700 years in prison.

Mr. Whitaker’s Lawyer, Frank C. Davis, already announced that his client would plead “not guilty”, adding that the 36-year old necrophile was a victim of sexual discrimination.

Mr. Davis hopes this trial will lead to the abolition of Nevada’s laws against necrophilia, which he says are anticonstitutional.

James Whitaker will remain detained until the beginning of his trial, which should in August.

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