Mother Sues Tampon Company for Stealing Daughter’s Virginity

Twin Falls, ID | An Idaho woman is suing the Kotex company for $1.4 million dollars after she claims one of her daughters lost her virginity while using a tampon.

The family’s attorney claims the product’s packaging did not issue any warning about the possibility of losing one’s own virginity while using the product.

“Why is there no warning that a women’s hymen can be broken when the tampon is inserted into the vaginal region? This is the question we ask” explained Ben Ali Mufta, the family attorney.

“The breaking of the hymen and resulting loss of virginity of my client’s daughter will have dire consequences for this young girl for the rest of her life,” he told local reporters.

“This is a tragedy that could have been easily prevented had the company taken its responsibilities,” he acknowledged yesterday.

tampon attorney

The breaking of the hymen and resulting loss of virginity will have dire consequences for the young girl, believes family attorney, Ben Ali Mufta

A distressed mother

Fatima Ushban, mother of five and recently immigrated from Bangladesh, believes the company has tarnished her young daughter’s body.

“Who will want my daughter now? Her body has been defiled, she is dirty!” she told local reporters in tears.

“What will I do with her? Who will want to marry her now?” she asks about her 11-year-old daughter, visibly distraught by the whole affair.

An offensive gesture

Local imam, Yasaf Budut, claims the use of tampons is not allowed by Islamic law.

“All forms of masturbation are prohibited by Islamic law,” he acknowledges.

“It is offensive to have this cotton inserted fully in the internal part of the vagina because it resembles masturbation,” he explains.

“The Quran is clear about this: make not your own hands contribute to your own destruction,” he warns, in hope that other young women will avoid such “dangerous and immoral” practices.

imam tampon

Local imam, Yasaf Budut, claims the use of tampons is prohibited by Islamic law because it ressembles masturbation

Although the breaking of the hymen is usually believed to occur during a first sexual contact, the hymen of a woman may be broken in many ways: Injury, accident, playing sports, riding a bicycle, penetration of any sort such as a medical examination, use of tampons, or a douche, admit experts.

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  1. So the mother went against Islam and allowed her daughter to use tampons and is now suing the company because it was against her religion and her daughter is dirty now because her verginity was supposedly “taken” by the said tampon…. lemme go back “It’s against Islamic religion to use tampons because it’s considered a form of masterbation” <~~~ Enough said. And by the way her daughter isn't dirty just because her body changed due to the possible use of a tampon (could have happened while she was playing sports, or whatever else. Might not have even been the tampon). Ridiculose. And a shameful mother. If your daughter is dirty in the eyes of your religion of "peace" for something so simple, though you knowingly allowed it to happen. Shame on you then. You're a horrible mother. And don't expect a hand out from me or my tax money. Go home.

  2. Just another muzzie looking for a free handout. These people are nothing but satan worshipers and trouble makers.

  3. thats impossible i would not allow my daughter at that age to wear tampons. sounds like the parents are desperate for money and also the mother should be held responsible for this not a child that knows nothing about tampons either ………she needs to wake up seriously !!!!!!

  4. This is ridiculous. So how exactly did an 11 year old girl, in an Islamic family, where as stated above “tampons are prohibited”, have access to tampons? And a young girl that has started her period didn’t get instructions from her very mother? I’m sorry but I was an 11 year old girl with a period and I knew not to stick anything up myself. They just came here? Sounds like a quick come up for a new life. And girls break their hymens from falling on bikes, so what would a dirty girl do for a husband then? Ridiculous!

  5. James walker | March 28, 2016 at 8:23 pm | Reply

    Did her mother not know how they worked then? should it not be the job of a parent to teach there children about their bodies instead of leaving it to a tampon company.

    • rodeoman51 | April 1, 2016 at 6:05 am |

      The tampon company was negligent in not specifying the risks involved. Drug companies must disclose possible side effects, why not tampon companies? Just another example of corporate malfeasance.

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