Detroit: Mother of triplets sues three different fathers for child support after she had foursome

A Detroit resident is suing three different men for child support after she gave birth to triplets last month.

Latifa G. White, 28, claims she had unprotected consensual sex with all three men after meeting them at a Detroit club.

White also admitted there was a fifth participant that night but that he only performed anal sex on her and could not be the father of her children.

During an emotional plea, White told the judge that all she wanted is the best for her children.

“Their sperm may have mixed. I’m convinced they are all the fathers since I had sex with all of them on the same night, they should all play a part in their children’s lives,” she told the judge in tears.

White’s lawyer, Jennifer Ong Lau, claims that her unemployed client wishes that the three men will take their responsibilities and take an active part in her children’s lives, emotionally and financially.

“I am a devout Christian and although I admit I’m ashamed of my behavior that night, I still cherish every moment of it since it brought these three miracles into my life,” she told judge Andrew Heinkemp in court.

The unemployed mother of three also admitted that she underwent a severe depression after losing her cat last year and had indulged heavily in alcohol, crystal meth and crack cocaine the night her children were conceived.

“I’ve stopped drinking and using like six months ago, I’m a good mother,” she admitted in court.

The three men did not show up in court, two of them presently being incarcerated on charges of drug trafficking and one man is presently in a drug rehab facility.

In 2011, a North Carolina resident who had sexual intercourse with several men was able to prove through DNA testing that her twins were born from fertilized eggs by sperm from a number of men at once and was eventually granted child support from five different fathers.

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