Moon Astronaut Admits on Deathbed: “Obama Could Be Alien”

Anthony ‘Irish’ Thompson, the last NASA astronaut to set foot on the moon, has deceased yesterday at St-Church hospital in Chicago at the venerable age of 98.

One of America’s last living space pioneers and one of its most respected astronaut’s has given up his last breath yesterday at Chicago St-Church Hospital.

During the 4-hour long operation, a lung was punctured and complications led the famous astronaut to his untimely death.

Before he died, the astronaut made revelations about alleged top classified information that shocked his family, friends and the whole NASA community.

“He was being operated for a tumor in his lung, but the operation was too much for the old man” explained Brett Thompson, his only son.

“He wouldn’t take any painkillers, he wanted to stay awake during the whole operation” he recalls.

“He grabbed me by the hand and held my ear next to his mouth,” his son told reporters. 

“He then told me all about how Obama was not human, but a hybrid being: half-human, half-alien” he explains, still visibly under the shock of such a revelation.

“I never believed in aliens, but my dad went to the moon and worked for NASA all his life. He worked in Area 51 for more then 20 years. I don’t know what to think, but I had to tell the World, just in case it’s true”.

Strangely enough, it is not the first time a high ranking official has accused Obama of possibly being an alien.

Iranian general Amir Khadiff had also claimed a similar story since Barack Obama’s election in 2008.

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