Mexican farm worker nearly killed after sexual assault by Chupacabra

La Junta | A Mexican farm worker claims he was the victim of an attack by the legendary Chupacabra in a farm in central Chihuahua last week, according to Mexican news reports.

Ramon Hernando Jesus Perez, 34, told police that he was attacked and sexually assaulted by what he described as a hairy and short creature, the size of a bear, with glowing red eyes.

Perez was asked by the landowner to do a night vigil for several days in hope of killing what was first believed to be a pack of coyotes after several animals were found dead with head and neck wounds in the past weeks.

Perez admits he had been drinking with a fellow coworker that night when he later fell asleep only to be woken up by none other than the legendary Chupacabra itself.

“It grabbed my head and pushed it into the dirt. It then tore my pants off of me and started to hump me frantically. I was half-conscious when it finally let go of me and ran into the darkness,” he told reporters in tears.

Perez described the creature as humanlike yet extremely hairy, with horrible bad breath and terrifying red eyes.

“My only reflex was to play dead. I felt it ejaculate onto my lower back, it then licked the back of my hair and my ears and eventually ran away,” he added, still visibly terrified.

Raphael Garcia, another man in the same community, reported a Chupacabra attack last March in the same area, claiming it had also grabbed him by behind in a similar fashion.

Local police first refused to take the man seriously but later filed an official report for sexual assault after Perez alerted local media of the alleged aggression.

“The crime appears to be of sexual nature and we are currently investigating the allegations with extreme seriousness,” La Junta police chief told reporters.

A similar case was reported in 2011 by a married woman from the Delicias area who claimed that the blood-sucking creature had bitten her on the neck and forcefully impregnated her.

Her claim was later debunked as an attempt to divert attention from a lover’s hickey and her extramarital affair.

In 2013, several Chupacabra sightings led to the arrest of two men convicted for slaughtering an estimated 30 lambs, drinking their blood and sexually molesting their corpses, according to an official police report.

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