Meteorite fragment found in Canada revealed to be fossilized alien feces

Canadian scientists studying fragments from a meteorite that landed in Northern Canada in December claim the mineral is almost certainly a piece of fossilized excrements of extra-terrestrial origins.

Researchers of the John H. Chapman Space Centre in Longueuil, Canada, made an amazing discovery while studying an object that landed from space near Fort Severn in Ontario on December 28, 2020.

According to its molecular structure, the mineral fragment appears to be a type of dejections originating from an unknown alien lifeform.

The head of the research team, astrogeology professor Thomas Jay Franklin, says the fragment has similarities with terrestrial excrements but with distinct characteristics.

“We observed a carbon-rich structure very similar to dinosaur coprolites but with much higher concentrations of silica and nitrogen than anything seen on Earth.”

Professor Franklin admitted that the preliminary observation wasn’t enough to tell much about the lifeform that produced the excrements.

“It could be from a lifeform that lives in outer space, or maybe alien vacuum the waste of their ships in space like our airplanes, which would make it some type of spatial blue ice.”

The head of the Canadian Space Agency astrogeology research team, Professor Franklin, says the discovery shows the scientific importance of recovering meteorites and space debris.

This astounding discovery has already caused a lot of reactions and generated a lot of enthusiasm throughout the scientific community and on social media.

Despite the attention, Professor Franklin and his team admit that several months or even years of research will be necessary to learn more about the lifeforms that created the dejections.

He also insists that considering the feces’ age and fossilized state, it is quite possible that the species that produced it may already be extinct.

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