Maryland gynecologist dies after patient’s sneeze projects IUD in his eye at 155 miles per hour

A gynecologist from Annapolis met a very unusual death Yesterday after a patient’s sneeze during a routine operation ejected a contraceptive pin through his eye at a speed over 150 mph.

38-year old Dr. Frank Roberts was getting ready to remove one of his patients’ intrauterine device (IUD) to replace it with a new one, something he had done dozens of times before and should have been without risks.

Unfortunately, the young woman, 26-year old Becky Swanson, sneezed at the worst possible moment, causing her copper IUD pin to fly right through the doctor’s eye and into his brain.

“He had the forceps in place and was getting ready to remove my IUD when I accidentally sneezed. I heard him scream and fall backwards on the floor.”

Ms. Swanson says she didn’t realize what had happened until Dr. Roberts was already dead.

 “I saw him on the ground with his hands over his eye and I saw blood pouring from under it. Then he fell lifeless and motionless. It lasted less than a minute in all.”

Paramedics arrived on the site only 4 minutes later but the gynecologist was already dead. It was estimated that the IUD was going between 150 and 175 miles per hour when it hit him, leaving him no chance of surviving.

Ms. Swanson was visibly traumatized by her experience. She says she never realized that being a gynecologist could be so dangerous.

The American Federation of Gynecologists and Urologists (AFGU) deplored the death of Dr. Roberts and invited its members to honor their colleague who died in service

The AFGU also reminded that it has been recommending his members since 1993 to wear protective helmets and glasses at all times while performing operations.

According to the federation, Dr. Roberts in the 6th gynecologist to die in service since 1987, making it one the most dangerous professions in the American medical industry.

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