Man turns himself in to police for killing his inflatable sex doll girlfriend, claims mental illness

Officers of the Chicago Police Department had quite a surprise when answering the call of a man claiming to have stabbed his girlfriend to death, discovering that the victim was, in fact, an inflatable sex doll!

Around 2:30 this morning, CPD officers were called at the site of presumed homicide in the Bucktown neighborhood where a man claimed to have repeatedly stabbed his girlfriend during a fight.

Arriving on the site with weapons drawn, the officers found no traces of blood and no corpse, only the man who called them holding a severely torn sex doll.

As he was visibly drunk, mentally disturbed, and holding a large knife, 37-year old Brian Gregson was arrested for questioning.

He explained that he had spent the night been drinking and having sex with his “girlfriend” but that at some point she had “insulted his masculinity”, causing him to become violent and stab her over 50 times with a kitchen knife.

According to CPD spokesman, lieutenant Dan Fitzgerald, the man was clearly devastated and convinced he had committed murder.

“The poor guy was crying and filled with remorse, insisting he had to pay for his crime. He just couldn’t believe it when we told him that destroying his own property wasn’t illegal.”

Lieutenant Fitzgerald says despite no crime being committed, a psychiatric evaluation was requested due to the alarming circumstances.

“He clearly has some mental issues and needs some help. Fortunately, in this case, his girlfriend wasn’t real and he’ll get help without anyone being hurt except a sex toy.”

CPD spokesman, lieutenant Dan Fitzgerald, says he hopes Mr. Gregson gets the psychiatric help he needs before he assaults a real human being.

Mr. Gregson was released a few hours later without facing any criminal accusation.

He will, however, be compelled to undergo a mandatory psychiatric evaluation over the next few weeks.

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