Man sues strip club where he contracted syphilis after licking dance pole

PORTLAND, OR | A 28-year-old man who has contracted syphilis after licking a dance pole has filed a lawsuit against an Oregon strip club.

The Oregon Herald reported Thursday that Mike Litte, 28, is seeking $500,000 in damages from the Apollo strip club.

During the performance, one dancer apparently “squirted” on the dance pole, which Litte decided to lick before suffering from symptoms of syphilis days later.

“My client was not aware that the dancer had syphilis and that the content of her female ejaculation was contagious” Litte’s lawyer, Andrew Smith, told reporters.

Candace Williams, an employee of the Apollo strip club, says she saw Litte in an intoxicated state jump onto the stage where he indulged in “French kissing” the dancing pole for several minutes.

“He must’ve spent at least 10 minutes licking that pole, he was seriously hammered. It took two bouncers to take him off the stage,” one female stripper told reporters.

Andrew Smith, Mike Litte’s lawyer, believes the establishment’s lack of standards of hygiene is at fault here and that it was the dancer’s obligation to warn his client that she had an infectious disease.

Mike Litte was also treated for symptoms of chlamydia and gonorrhea he also contracted that night.

The owner of the strip club couldn’t be reached for comments but an employee reached by phone admitted that clients “licking the dance pole” was not a practice encouraged by the establishment.

The lawsuit claims the Apollo strip club is liable for its employees and for maintaining minimal hygiene standards inside the establishment.

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  1. Well why in the hell would she tell everybody about any STd’s she had? I’m guessing no one was expecting this guy to lick a dirty ass stripper Pole. I mean seriously I don’t care how drunk or high you are that is sheer mental illness to lick a stripper Pole at a strip club knowing how many snatches have been rubbing up-and-down on it!! Muchless to make out with it for 10min!! I say the strip club should Sue this guy!!!

  2. Don’t Lick.Dance Poles

  3. Hmm I highly doubt that I bet he had STDs before he went to strip club you get it from having sexual intercourse. He could have been with a prostitute

  4. That was not a dance pole!It was my babymaker

  5. Redtailedhawk | July 1, 2018 at 11:35 am | Reply

    Can authorities figure out if he had diseases before he licked the pole. What a dmb bunny!

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