Man sues state of Alabama over document from 1865 giving him right to own “black slaves”

Huntsville, AL | An Alabama man is suing the state of Alabama over a 153-year-old document he claims entitles him to own several black individuals and their descendants.

Hank Wyatt, 53, is suing the state of Alabama claiming the will of his great-great-grandfather, William Hugh Patton, has been illegally nullified by current state judges.

Hank Wyatt recently came into possession of a document dating from 1865 previously owned by his great-great-grandfather, William Hugh Patton, which claims he legally bought four “negro” prisoners from the state of Alabama.

The 153-year-old document signed by the Governor of Alabama at the time, Thomas H. Watts, boldly states that William Hugh Patton is given ownership over the aforementioned prisoners as well as to all of their descendants.

“I ain’t saying I want those people’s descendants to be my slaves. I just want a financial compensation, because legally, I own them,” Hank Wyatt told reporters.

Hank Wyatt’s attorney, Robert Lindsay, claims his client is entitled to a financial compensation since the document’s authenticity has been proven and complies with current federal laws.

“My client’s demands clearly comply with current federal laws and the State of Alabama has the obligation of compensating my client for refusing to honor this contract,” attorney Robert Lindsay explained.

The Thirteen amendment to the United States Constitution declared slavery and involuntary servitude illegal in 1865, except as a punishment for criminality.

This loophole, according to modern historians, was used to control, suppress and decimate communities of color, through mass arrests and imprisonment after the Civil War where black men’s free labor was used to help rebuild a ravaged South.

5 Comments on "Man sues state of Alabama over document from 1865 giving him right to own “black slaves”"

  1. Clearly, just an idiot looking for a payout, but were I a collections company, I’d take the opportunity to look up any debts incurred by the people he’s claiming as property and start hounding him to pay up.

  2. We are still being held as slaves(still carrying slave masters last name)2nd annual address to Congress of Pres. Abraham Lincoln-Compensated Emancipated Proclamation

  3. SHONYAH YISRAEL | June 1, 2018 at 12:17 pm | Reply

    Are you out of your mind. The decendents of slaves still have not received reparations and this guy feels he should. I feel he should sit his ads down somewhere and wait for ADONI because there will be blood up to the horses bridle against those who oppressed ELOHIM’S s

  4. Do the math : over the 150 years since the Governor’s
    contract conveyed ownership
    of descendents – the # of slaves this guy would own is
    theoretically in the thousands . The state of Alabama should settle this matter now before things get out of hand and the State can afford the reparations.

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