Man sues Oscar Mayer for 2.6M$ after burning wieners caused him horrific rectal injuries

A man from Delaware is suing The Oscar Mayer Company after inserting heated sausages in his rectum and suffering from severe burns that necessitated a total of seven surgeries.

46-year old Juan Hernandez is demanding $2,625,000 from the meat and cold cut production company for the physical and psychological harm he suffered and claims were caused by the company’s negligent labeling.

Hernandez said he first inserted the wieners inside his rectum as a dare from one of his friends, but quickly felt excruciating pain and tried to take them out but was incapable.

“I thought this was just going to be fun, if a bit humiliating, but it turned out to be a total nightmare. I felt like my guts were on fire, it was unbearable!”

Mr. Hernandez was transported to the Bayhealth Medical Center where doctors were able to extract the wieners and stabilize his condition, but suffered from second and third-degree burns and necessitated a series of reconstructive surgeries before he was able to defecate normally again.

“For months, I was unable to sit down or take a shit normally. If there had been a warning on the packaging, I wouldn’t have done it. Oscar Mayer’s negligence ruined my life!”

Mr. Hernandez and his lawyer both claimed that the lack of warning on the packaging is to blame for his injuries.

Thomas’ lawyer, Mr. Stefan Petrovsky, pleaded that his client is the victim of Oscar Mayer’s negligent warning display on its packaging,

“The Oscar Mayer company is definitely at fault here, as they offer no warning about the dangers and potential risks of inserting their products inside their customers’ body cavities.”

Mr. Hernandez claims his medical bills amount to $1,968,000 and that he has suffered from severe psychological distress because of the whole ordeal.

The Oscar Mayer Company, a subsidiary of Kraft Heinz, has faced a few similar lawsuits in the past, and most cases have ended in out of court agreements.

Hernandez confirmed in court this morning,  that the company had made several offers before the trial, but claims they were insufficient to cover the totality of his medical bills.

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  1. Crazy isn’t the word for such crude acts these aren’t humans they are crazed animals! Shoot them

  2. WTH suing could you stick something up your rectum that you’re supposed to eat that is so ridiculous this world is crazy

  3. Jethree Frokhauken | January 9, 2020 at 2:40 pm | Reply

    These Big Oil companies are getting away with murder! It’s time they were taken down. #mopupoil

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