Man plans to sue Amazon for $23M after Alexa revealed to his wife he was having an extramarital affair

A North Carolina businessman is planning to sue the multinational technology company Amazon for an impressive $23 million after its virtual assistant Alexa revealed to his wife that he was having an extramarital affair.

Ralph Siemens, 47, a successful Raleigh software entrepreneur, came back from work last September to an empty house after his wife had filed for a divorce and left with all of their belongings.

The wife’s attorney, Jeffrey Smiths, claims that his client learned of her husband’s extramarital affair after Alexa, the virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon, had told her so.

“My client has had several in-depth conversations with Alexa in which she revealed to my client that her husband was entertaining an affair with their housemaid Eduardo,” attorney Jeffrey Smiths told the press.

Ralph Siemens’s attorney, Ron Cassidy, denied the accusations that his client was entertaining a “homosexual affair” with their domestic and announced that his client would sue the multinational technology company for ruining his client’s marriage.

“I am a God-fearing Christian. I am not a homosexual nor a Satan-worshipping sodomite and if I was, I would probably choose to have anal sex with someone better looking than my 65-year-old housemaid Eduardo,” Siemens told the press, visibly frustrated by the accusations.

Eduardo Ramirez, 65, the family domestic, contradicted the defendant’s version during his testimony and added that he was shocked by the precision of the descriptions given by Alexa of his affair with the plaintiff’s husband.

“Alexa knew about everything. The sex games we played with bananas, cucumbers, and even the neighbor’s dog. It’s like she had been spying on us the whole time. I am so ashamed,” Ramirez told the judge in court, visibly embarrassed.

A similar lawsuit was filed against Amazon in 2016 when a woman was allegedly warned by Alexa that her husband was having sexual relations with several of their kitchen appliances but was eventually dismissed by the judge who explained that sexual relations with home appliances could not be treated the same as adultery.

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