Man lost 200 pounds in six month by drinking menstrual blood

A man who began drinking his wife’s menstrual blood in an effort to lose weight has lost over 225 pounds in six months thanks to his unusual diet.

38-year old Martin Sanders from Milwaukee in Wisconsin, weighted over 400-lbs a few months ago when he decided to try a new diet of his own design.

Martin Sanders lost an incredible 225-lbs in six months thanks to his blood drinking diet.

He began ingesting by ingesting small quantities of blood collected from his wife as part of a high-protein diet.

After the promising results of the first week, he increased his blood collecting effort by asking his sisters, sisters-in-law, neighbors, and friends and was able to increase his consumption to 500 ml of blood per day.

Mr. Sanders says that menstrual blood is exceptionally rich in iron and protein, making it an ideal ingredient for any weight loss diet.

He claims that after the first week of his diet, he had already lost almost 40 pounds and had more energy than he had ever had before.

“I tried dozens of diet before without any results, but menstrual blood did miracles for me. The results were immediate and totally amazing.”

The 38-year old man says he intends to fight the taboo that surrounds menstrual blood and help people accept it as a great weight-loss solution.

“I admit that the taste is a little strange at first, but once you get used to it, you actually get to enjoy it.”

Mr. Sanders’ unusual diet has generated a lot of reactions from health experts as well as on social media.

Some nutritionists have confirmed that menstrual blood could theoretically be a good addition to a protein-rich diet, but warn about risks of possible bacteria.

Professor Betty Williams whs teaches Health and Nutrition Sciences at UCLA believes that a diet based on menstrual blood represents a serious health hazard and should not be attempted by anyone.

Several experts, however, have pointed out that human menstrual blood has basically the content as animal blood but is at higher risk of bacterial contamination.

Most readers also seem grossed out by Mr. Sanders’ diet, denouncing as “ridiculous”, “sick” or “disgusting”.

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    Coronavirus *Cardi B voice*

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