Man hospitalized after he believed eating toilet paper could cure him from coronavirus

A Mississippi man who believed that eating toilet paper could prevent him from contracting the coronavirus has been hospitalized.

Jeremy Glasgow, 34, saw a number of reports about the coveted item which led him to believe people were eating the toilet paper as an antivirus.

His mother, Sue Ellen Glasgow, 67, also believed the hype around toilet paper was meant to be a cure to the virus but did not indulge in the precious commodity.

“Everyone is talking about the coronavirus and buying toilet paper. I was sure the reason behind it was that it is some kind of cure,” Jeremy Glasgow told reporters.

Jeremy Glasgow, 34, is being hospitalized at Vicksburg’s Promise hospital after ingesting an estimated 164 rolls of toilet paper for several days to prevent him from contracting the coronavirus.

“I would do anything for my son, and so I made him chicken toilet paper soup, mashed toilet paper and ham, I had to invent a lot of recipes as I couldn’t find any toilet paper recipes on the internet,” his mother Sue Ellen admitted.

It is believed Glasgow ingested an estimated 164 rolls of toilet paper during a three-day period, according to the mother’s bank receipts.

“Some people may find it funny that I believed that toilet paper would cure me, but even though I’m hospitalized for other reasons, I am coronavirus free, so there might be something to it after all,” Glasgow added.

Doctors at Vicksburg’s Promise Hospital say that Jeremy is suffering from extreme constipation but should recover swiftly.

There are currently several potential cures to the coronavirus at the moment believe health authorities, but toilet paper is not one, say experts.

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  1. Colin Spencer | March 24, 2020 at 3:33 am | Reply

    He just might have invented the self-wiping backside. Pure genius.

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