Man gets plastic surgery and name change to date his ex-girlfriend after she obtains restraining order

A New Jersey man who went to great lengths to try and win back his ex-girlfriend despite a court restraining order was arrested this morning after his plot was discovered.

40-year old James Mack from Camden was condemned to six months in jail in 2017 for criminally harassing his former lover, but the sentence clearly didn’t dissuade him.

Being under a restraining order that forbade him from contacting or approaching his ex, he began an extreme transformation in order to do it without getting caught.

He legally changed his name to Jason Monroe, underwent 37 plastic surgeries to change his physical appearance and even had a delicate vocal cords operation to alter his voice.

Sarah Lopez, Mr. Mack’s ex-girlfriend, says she had no idea it was him when she “met him” at her gym.

“I just saw a handsome guy who had exactly the same tastes as me in terms of music, movies, food… everything. It seemed like a match made in heaven, a gift from life to compensate for all I had endured.”

Ms. Franklin says it was wonderful for a few weeks, but that she gradually started to feel that there was something wrong about her new boyfriend.

“I sometime thought he knew too many things about me, my family and my friends. Then this morning, he accidentally made a comment about when the first dated, and I realized who he really was.”

As soon as she recognized him, she called the police and he ran away, He was finally arrested less than 30 minutes later while hiding in bushes a few blocks from there.

His ex-girlfriend, 34-year old Sarah Lopez, says it took almost five weeks before she recognized him.

Mr. Monroe was arrested and imprisoned for a restraining order violation, but several other criminal charges could be filed against him.

He already faces up to three years in county jail and up to $10,000 in fines, but the could also face charges of criminal harassment according to the Camden County Police Department.

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  1. so they made his ears more bulging… yep yep

  2. Why would a man do this for a woiman who is definitely not worth it? She obviously just want to ride the carousel around. He should be looking for a decent woman who wishes to raise a family instead. People are so lost nowadays.

  3. SHANE MARSHALL | January 6, 2019 at 1:40 am | Reply

    Can’t blame the loser for trying!!
    You rock Jimbo-Mack!!

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