Man forced to pay $1.2M in alimony after cheating on wife with ghost of Marilyn Monroe using a Ouija board

A North Carolina judge has ordered a man to pay $1.2 million in alimony to his ex-wife after it was ruled that he had committed adultery with the ghost of Marilyn Monroe.

Norman O’Reilly, 67, was charged with a felony for committing adultery, engaging in extramarital sexual activities, and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars during his affair with the “ghost spirit” of Marilyn Monroe.

The plaintiff’s attorney claimed that his client’s husband spent lavishly on wardrobes and trips to Las Vegas and had sex on numerous occasions with the Ouija board he used to contact the deceased actress during their 27-year-long marriage.

“I personally don’t approve of such occult and anti-Christian sexual activities and I don’t care if you had sex with a dead person, a ghost, a spirit, or whatever you want to call it but in my book that is the definition of adultery,” Judge Marvin Reynolds said in court.

Attorney Rodney Jackson claims that his client, Olivia O’Reilly, 62, suffered from psychological distress from being cheated on repeatedly by her husband of 27 years with the Ouija board her husband used to contact the deceased actress.

“He even invited me to join them in a threesome and said that he could even call up JFK if I wanted for a foursome,” Olivia O’Reilly told the judge, visibly shaken.

The plaintiff also said that her husband had spent all of their retirement funds to buy lavish wardrobes, expensive jewelry and paid for luxury hotel suites in Las Vegas for his mistress.

“He has a collection of 400 shoes I can’t even wear because they are to the measurements of Marilyn Monroe’s feet,” she admitted in court.

Norman O’Reilly admitted to the affair in court explaining that the affair had cost him a fortune because of Marilyn’s “taste for luxury,” “expensive lifestyle” and craving for “champagne and caviar.”

In a similar case in 2011, a husband was ordered to pay $30 million to his ex-wife after he admitted to having a three-year-long homosexual affair with a poster of Boy George.

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