Man emasculated after trying to use air compressor to enlarge his penis

A man who tried to enlarge his genitals by inflating them with an air compressor was left completely emasculated and almost died after his penis exploded.

37-year old Ryan Davies, from Paterson in New Jersey, was lying unconscious in a pool of blood when his wife found him last night, so she immediately called the paramedics.

He was rapidly transported to the hospital where he arrived in critical condition, but doctors were finally able to stabilize him after a few hours.

Upon regaining consciousness, he admitted that he had tried everything to enlarge his penis over the last two years, and had already invested $15,000 in pills and penile pumps, without success.

He finally decided to try his industrial air compressor, and he insists that his genitals did enlarge during the first few seconds before they literally exploded.

“I swear it could’ve worked if I’d left only a few seconds less…”

Despite this “partial success”, he has now lost more than 90% of his genitals and may suffer from critical consequences for the rest of his life.


Dr. Michael Hart, who specializes in penile surgery, says Mr.Davies’ genitals are too damaged to be saved, but that he could eventually be grafted a new penis.

This isn’t the third accident involving makeshift “penis enlargement devices” this month in New Jersey, and authorities fear this could be the consequences of a new trend.

Dr. Michael Hart, one of the most renowned penile surgeon in the world, says this kind of incident is bound to happen more often over the next few years as men become increasingly obsessed with the size of their genitals.

“There are always ridiculous new trends coming up, so people will keep doing stupid things and getting emasculated.”

Dr. Hart insists that men should never use improvised penis enlargement methods, and should consult a specialist to learn about effective treatments and possible surgeries.

Last year, 7,357 men were hospitalized across the United States in relation to penis enlargement treatments or devices, an increase of 44% compared to 2016.

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  1. I tried it and now i have a BBC of the F U T U R E

  2. If you do it one second at a time, will it work?

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