Man clinically dead for 6 hours says he went to Heaven and met Jeffrey Epstein

A New York man who was clinically dead for more than 6 hours and two weeks in an intensive care unit claims he went to Heaven and met several famous people such as Jesus Christ, Elvis Presley, and even Jeffrey Epstein.

Anthony Willow, 85, resuscitated at New York Presbyterian Hospital to medical staff’s surprise after going into cardiac arrest 6-hours prior to his revival.

Willow claims he had an out-of-body experience and saw the medical staff around him trying to revive him before he was “sucked in” towards a “glowing light.”

Willow told his wife of how he was greeted at the “Gates of Heaven” by a “shining spirit guide” who claimed to be Jesus Christ and later on met with the spirits of deceased family members but also with certain celebrities.

“I was really surprised to meet Jeffrey Epstein and I wondered how he had managed to end up here in Heaven, you know with all the kid stories, but I felt uncomfortable with asking such a question at the time,” he told reporters.

Anthony Willow, 85, who has been an atheist for the past 60 years of his life said he previously never believed in an afterlife, but since his out-of-body experience, he has gained a new perspective on life and treasures every moment.

“Jeffrey and I got along well and he offered to show me around the place. Everything was surreal, so vivid in color and sensation. There was the most beautiful music and there were also kids playing everywhere,” Willow told reporters, visibly nostalgic.

Apparently, Jeffrey Epstein’s “light spirit,” as Willow described, had somewhat the role of a tour guide for the “newly departed souls,” and reunited them with lost family members as well as answered their questions.

“He’s a really great guy, nothing like the monster portrayed by the media. I guess he can’t be that bad if he has his place in Heaven,” Willow argued, in Epstein’s defense.

New York Presbyterian Hospital paramedics’ said that resuscitation efforts of this duration don’t typically result in a positive outcome and that the patient is a “walking miracle” according to modern medical standards.

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  1. Ah. “Suffer the little children to come unto me” and all that. Or maybe suffer, the little children, as I come over thee”

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