Man Claiming to Have Been Vladimir Putin’s Lover Killed in Zurich

Zurich | Iouri Michaelevitch, a former personal assistant of the Russian President, was found dead last Monday in his Swiss apartment after some of the neighbors complained about the smell emanating from the residence.

According to the city’s police department, many clues collected on the site suggest that he might have been the victim of an elaborate murder plot.

“The police forces have only been able to proceed to preliminary analysis before we spotted a source of radiations on the scene and had to call a decontamination team” explains Sven Munger of the Zurich Police Department.

“We can confirm that the radioactive agent is a very rare Russian product named TCDD Dioxin. The clues we have collected are insufficient to pronounce a definitive conclusion, but the complexity of the of plot we have exposed greatly reduces the number of suspects.”

The victim had attracted a lot of attention from the Russian government and media in 2011 when he had written a book entitled “Я был любовник Путина” (“I was Putin’s Lover“), which was taken off the shelves before the official release, after a presidential decree.

A warrant demanding the arrest of the author was also issued across Russia, leading him to file a demand for political asylum from the Helvetic state.

Many sources also claim that Mr. Michaelevitch had dinner with an attaché of the Russian embassy five days before his body was found, a case strangely similar to that of the former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko in 1999.

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  1. Mrs Patrick Campbell | March 26, 2014 at 5:57 pm | Reply

    Story is useless without nude photos of Iouro

  2. The man was the former head of the murderous KGB,If you think he has nothing to do with this you are insane..this is exactly the type of tactics used by KGB…aka…Vladdie..Mad because his lover is telling how “Vladdie is loving his comrads in a special way”….insecure in every way….

  3. Killer, the Russians were always fond of polonium as an assanination method…leaves no doubt as to who did it because the objective isn’t to get away with it, the objective is to strike fear in the heart of anyone else who’s thinking about blowing the whistle.

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