Loggers Accidentally Cut Down World’s Oldest Tree in Amazon Forest

Illegal loggers at the frontier of the Peruvian and Brazilian border have mistakenly cut down what experts claim is the world’s oldest tree after allegedly not noticing they were logging deeply in Matsés Indigenous Reserve, an area where logging is illegal, infuriating local conservation organizations and native indigenous communities.

The giant Samauma tree, that is thought to be over 5,800 years old judging on its concentric rings and estimated to be close to 40 meters in height, was a major part of the native tribes’ cultural landscape, countless generations of natives having witnessed the long duration of the tree and having included it in their own culture.

«It is the Mother spirit of the rainforest, from this spirit-tree came the life force of all things living. They have destroyed Aotlcp-Awak, they have brought darkness upon not only our people, but the whole world» explains local tribesman leader Tahuactep of the Matsés tribe.


Native communities alarmed local media outlets and conservation groups when Aotlcp-Awak, or Mother tree in local dialects, was reported sawed down by heavy machinery

«For many generations, the Mother tree has brought my people health and good fortune. The roots of the Mother tree spread throughout the rainforest and bring its life spirit to the world. What will be left of the animals, of the plants, and of our people now that the Mother spirit is gone?» asks Kalahuaptl, a local shaman.

«They have murdered the Mother spirit knowingly, they have done this to kill our people and take the spoils of the land» he adds, visibly shaken by the destruction of the millennia-old Samauma tree.

Anna Golding, a local researcher for non-profit organization and conservancy group Rainforest Protection Coalition (RPC), an initiative stemming from Berkeley University in California, believes the ‘incident’ was intentional.

« There are large portions of this national reserve that are rich in oil and natural gas. There has been committed action by energy corporations to lobby the government to exploit the area for years. The protected zones have been cut in half over the past decade and this is only their latest attempt to get rid of the local populations who are fighting to preserve their cultural heritage and lifestyle» she admits.

«These actions are clearly perpetrated with the consent of local authorities and the government. If this wasn’t the case, why are local enforcement agencies not prosecuting these corporations? Why are these loggers free to keep doing what they are doing? That is the bigger question» she adds.

Between 1991 and 2014, the total area of forest lost in the Amazon has more than tripled, with most of the lost forest becoming pasture for cattle.

Rainforests are the richest places on earth holding the majority of the planet’s biodiversity, yet 100 acres of rainforests are cleared every minute, estimates a recent 2017 World Resources Institute report.

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  1. Very sad for the world, the lack of respect…it’s evident in some posts here…no appreciation for the amazingness of life, of a 5800 year old tree.

  2. They are about to get the worst karma and mojo ever. I give it a few days before the forest kills them or the natives hunt them down.

  3. It’s just a damn tree get over it people and for christ sake none of you are from the amazon rain forest

    • Forest lover | February 11, 2018 at 3:37 pm |

      Were you born an idiot or is it an acquired quality?

    • bernard j rizzo | February 11, 2018 at 7:19 pm |

      You fail to see the gravity of this. You fail to see something special, lost forever… for no good reason. You are the kind of person who could watch the Mona Lisa burn and say, “Get over it, it’s only a painting”. You have no soul.

    • Shame on you Robert, it’s an irreplaceable ancient tree that has been around for 5,800 years and holds an inconceivable significance to the native peoples. It’s so incredibly shallow for you to state “it’s just a tree, get over it”… you clearly lack the depth to be able to empathise or comprehend the impact of this tragic event. You don’t need to be Amazonian to have compassion and empathy for the serious effect this has had, and the disgusting greed that motivated this tragic and destructive crime against nature. It’s one world buddy…

    • Johnny John John | February 12, 2018 at 12:50 pm |

      may a tree fall on your face.

    • Sandra Taylor | February 13, 2018 at 12:08 am |

      You have got to be kidding. The rain forest provides a major portion of the oxygen to Earth. ALL of Earth.

    • Forest Pixie | February 13, 2018 at 2:14 am |

      I think you are one of the ones who get left behind mate! Best you find your balls and conscious-up!

    • Fuck you robert

    • Imbecile!

    • that is highly ignorant, and condescending. It is never “just a tree”. It isn’t just the rain forest or Amazon that suffers. Every incursion against our mother earth will mark our future, our heritage, with a blight. We need to preserve and conserve, for anything to be left for our descendants. Cutting down a 5000 year old tree is as if someone shot a 2000 year old deity in your church, or your place of worship. Educate yourself. Practice some empathy.

    • You are a fucking idiot !

    • you’re talking about your dick?

    • zahn pithers | February 15, 2018 at 4:43 am |

      Fuck off Robert people like you are reason the plant is choking. Its such a shame that people like you exist

    • jesus, ignorance IS a bliss

    • We all breath oxygen produced in the rainforest. It represents more than any ONE tree. It is just symbolic that the oldest tree has fallen to human greed and ignorance.

    • It’s not a “damn tree”. It is a very old tree that is venerated by local peoples.!.!. The idolized money will soon be squandered by the oligarchy, and the world will be a starker, more wasted place of desertification and contemptible practices for the sake of corporate profits, and you who ignorantly impune natural beauty will quake and hide from your past as if you made it not.!.!.!.

    • Dorothy Brammer | February 19, 2018 at 12:00 pm |


  4. Every individual in the first world has the power to decide what to eat. We’d all be healthier and happier and all the ecosystems of the world would be healthier and happier, if we made the personal choice to eat less beef. Consumer demand for cheap beef and cattle feed crops are the root cause of deforestation over much of the world, even more so than the demand for lumber. The World Health Organization has recommended that people need to shift more towards a plant based diet and eat less meat, especially red meat and especially beef. Greedy corporations and corrupt governments only gain power and profit when they satisfy our consumer demand. You and I create this demand. Remember this when you go to the grocery store.

    • This doesnt mean cut it out altogether just reduce it and we can afford to reduce it significantly. We should also alternative between diffirent types of grains, veg, fruit, dairy, fish and meat. try and eat food which can naturally be grown in the area we live without too much manpulation. Its not just a meat thing.

  5. People do so many rotten things it’s hard to keep track anymore. Everyday, every minute, always.

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