Krispy Kreme employee sues company for $2M after being fired for eating 200 pounds of donuts per week

A Florida man is suing his employer Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. after being fired for eating a large volume of donuts while on the job.

Kenny O’Reilly, 26, claims that his former manager told him that he could eat as many donuts as he wanted while he was on his work shift, but suddenly fired him only six weeks into the job.

O’Reilly told the judge he admits he ate a lot of donuts, up to an estimated 200 pounds per week according to his former employer, but says nobody complained to him about his eating before being fired.

“I had to hire six extra people because we couldn’t keep up with the demand until we noticed we weren’t selling the donuts, Kenny was eating them,” former manager Robert White told the judge.

Kenny O’Reilly’s lawyer, Adam Shapiro, claims that his client is a victim of body shaming, fatphobia and that his former employer violated the promises made to his client when he was hired.

“I told him he could eat a few donuts every work shift, but he kept eating donuts the whole time he was working his 8 hour-long shifts. He was eating them faster than we could make them,” former employer David Cherry told the judge, visibly discouraged.

Kenny O’Reilly also admitted he often refused to serve clients while he was consuming the donuts because it is “impolite to talk while eating.”

“One day, I found him hiding in a corner and eating a 20-pound tray of raw dough we hadn’t even cooked yet,” one former employee testified in court.

When asked by the judge how to justify the amount of 2 million dollars asked by the plaintiff for an $8.25 per hour job where he had worked only several weeks, O’Reilly’s lawyer said that the numbers pale in comparison to the “psychological distress and devastating trauma forced upon his client.”

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