Kenya: Authorities Release Barack Obama’s “Real” Birth Certificate

Nairobi | The Office of the Principal Register of the Nyanza Province, in Kenya, has finally released 11 exclusive documents concerning Barack Obama’s alleged birth and early childhood in the country.

These official papers had been requested for years by the Tea Party Patriots, an American conservative organization, to no avail, but the Kenyan Supreme Court recently ordered authorities to release the documents, based on a law on “access to information.

These files, if they turn out to be verifiable, could mean that Mr. Obama had no legal right to become the American president under the country’s law.

The papers released today suggest that Barack Obama was actually born on March 7, 1960, in Lamu, Kenya, more than a year before his father moved to Hawaii, where he allegedly met his mother.

This contradicts most of the documents presented by the presidential office over the last years, suggesting that either the American or the Kenyan papers are actually faked.

The official version of Barack Obama’s birth presented by the White House in the past was that he was born on August 4, 1961, at the Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital (now called the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

His parents were Ann Dunham, from Wichita, Kansas, and Barack Obama, Sr., a Luo from Nyang’oma Kogelo in the Nyanza Province, in what was then the “Colony and Protectorate of Kenya”.

Mr. Obama Senior was attending the University of Hawaii at the time, where he supposedly met Ms. Dunham.

A Kenyan publication, The Standard, had reported in 2004 that Obama was “Kenyan-Born”, but the lack of proof presented had led the rest of the mediatic world to dismiss the article has fake or unfounded.

Jim Geraghty of the conservative website National Review Online may have sparked further speculation on June 9, 2008, when he asked Obama to release his birth certificate.

Geraghty wrote that doing so could debunk several false rumors circulating on the Internet.

Such rumors were very numerous at the time, covering many topics.

These included namely: that his middle name was originally Muhammad rather than Hussein; that his mother had originally named him “Barry” rather than “Barack”; and that Barack Obama, Sr. was not his biological father, as well as the rumor that Barack Obama was not a natural-born Citizen.

Mr. Obama and the White House had given no answer whatsoever to that request, choosing to simply ignore the question, but had finally released some documents that were allegedly Mr. Obama’s birth certificate in two different forms.

The release of these certificates had seemed to put an end to the rumors at the time, but it is to be expected that the “Kenyan documents” will fuel a whole new wave of rumors and conspiracy theories.

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  1. my question is this if Mr.Obama went to Indonesia and entered school there it is my understanding that to do so he had to be a citizen of Indonesia and for that to happen he would have to renounced his U.S. citizenship,their requirement, in addition did he not go to collage on a foreign student grant or loan, it is only a question, not a statement of fact. because I do not know for certain, each bends the truth or facts to suit his own purpose.

    • That applied to going to Indonesian Public state schools. Obama went to a private school which was run by the Catholic Franciscan order or priests. You know, Christians.

    • ehancock1 | June 20, 2014 at 4:57 pm |

      Re: “That applied to going to Indonesian Public state schools…”

      Answer: It did not apply to ANY school at all. There was no such law. The claim that there was such a law was MADE UP by birther sites. You can check on the existence or non-existence of such a law by calling the Indonesian Embassy. You will find that there is none and was none. (And, while you are at it, you can check on whether Obama was ever an Indonesian citizen, and the answer is that he never was). Telephone: 202-775-5200—and ask for the press officer.

  2. Ian Hargraves | May 31, 2014 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    There is no way that a British Birth Certificate can be altered . Kenya was a British run country and all local records births, deaths and marriages were sent to Somerset House in London after being Microfilmed on long rolls of film. It is impossible to add in a record on a microfilm as you would have to dig out thousands of paper records and insert the addition then run the microfilm camera again, process the film and then insert back into the archives. Since the records where computerized the whole processing center was moved to a highly secure facility in London and only individual records can be retrieved by any individual! The record of Islamaobama is on microfilm and proves 100% that Obama was born in Mombassa, Kenya. All other records are almost certainly forgeries. Obama registered as a foreign student and all the Indonesian records prove he was not born in Hawaii.

    • ehancock1 | June 20, 2014 at 4:59 pm |

      There is NO birth Kenyan certificate in the British records. Birther sites simply said that an unnamed group went to the records and found Obama’s birth certificate, but that was a LIE. Oh, and BTW, the Kenyan government said that Obama was NOT born in Kenya.

    • I found a copy of the birth certificate online. There is a footprint on it. Footprints don’t change, just like fingerprints. If one of you people could just get his footprint, we could put this whole issue to rest. 🙂

  3. Official Narrative | May 31, 2014 at 3:57 pm | Reply

    Name: Barack Hussein Obama
    Birthday: November 8, 2008
    Birthplace: Made in the CIA.

  4. It dosent matter about all the details… What matters is that he was born in kenya and lied about it… The lie is the problem.. Remember ( I am not a crook) and ( I did not have relations with that woman)… the lie was what got them in trouble..

  5. Wounded Warrior | May 30, 2014 at 9:31 pm | Reply

    Well Well Holly,

    I guess the stupid American people just….. SHUT YOU UP!!!!!

    • Little known there is a treaty with England from the war of 1812 that recognizes any child fathered by a British subject is a citizen of the crown. Kenya was still part British empire in the 1960’s I know I went to school with and exchange student.

    • And Spiro Agnew, Nixon’s VP, was born a Greek citizen through his father, Gramps. Big deal, he was still eligible.

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