Kentucky woman who gave birth to 22-pound baby in McDonald’s restroom names newborn ‘Big Mac’

A Kentucky woman unexpectedly gave birth in the bathroom of a McDonald’s restaurant without showing any symptoms before delivering.

The Bowling Green couple had the surprise of their life after 23-year-old Brandy White came back from the woman’s restroom with a newborn baby.

White said it took her several minutes before she fully realized what was happening to her.

“I had just eaten 6 Big Macs, two orders of large fries, a dozen chicken nuggets and drank a 30-ounce soda so I thought I was just taking a dump,” White told reporters laughingly.

Brandy, Jayden White, and their newborn son were taken to the hospital for medical examination where the boy weighed a healthy 22 pounds confirmed Dr. Alan Barkley at Bowling Green Medical Center.

“I was still chewing on my Big Mac when I started to feel the contractions. It’s the first name that came to my mind and Jayden loved it” White told reporters visibly emotional.

Brandy’s husband, Jayden White, 32, is also a janitor at the McDonald’s restaurant where he has been working for 12 years now.

“This is where Brandy and I met 12 years ago. We come here every day, be it for coffee, breakfast or a romantic dinner. This is also where I proposed to her 6 years ago, so McDonald’s is definitely a family tradition” he adds, with a hint of pride.

Brandy White also admitted that she feared her baby might have some form of injury from falling into the toilet bowl but doctors reassured her after a thorough medical examination that her 22-pound boy was healthy and well.

McDonald’s franchise owner, Kern Douglas, after learning the wonderful news generously offered the couple a lifetime supply of unlimited soda drink refills as a gift to celebrate the arrival of this new family member.

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  1. Healthy 22 lb baby???? That’s disgusting!!

  2. I wonder if she ate him

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