Jesus Christ had 12 wives claims controversial Mormon historian


Salt Lake City, Utah | An important Mormon historian made an extremely controversial claim this morning, by announcing that his research has lead him to conclude that Jesus Christ had a total of twelve wives, who were the feminine equivalent of the apostles.

The man behind this surprising announcement is Professor Abraham Jones, of the Brigham Young University’s Faculty of Archaeology and Ethnology.

Meeting the press yesterday to present his new book The Family Life of Jesus Christ, he presented the astonishing results of a research which took him almost eight years to complete.

“We studied not only the Bible itself, but other important Christian texts like the Holy Book of Mormon and Biblical apocrypha” said Professor Jones. “Many different writings suggest that the Christ was not only married, but polygamous. After a thorough research, we were able to determine that Jesus had a total of twelve wives, and that they played important roles in the Church while he was alive.”

According to the controversial historian, the importance of Jesus’ wives was hidden by the early Christian Church, as it became tainted with Roman misogyny.

“The Romans clearly disliked polygamy and they didn’t give much importance to the role of women,” he told reporters. “All the texts concerning his wives were removed of the biblical canon during the First Council of Nicaea in 325, or during the Council of Rome in 382. Fortunately, a few manuscripts have survived the large scale destruction that was orchestrated by the catholic Church, and we can still read the truth today.”


Professor Jones says he found proof of Jesus being polygamous in many early Christian writings, which have been excluded for the various biblical canons. His book includes more than 70 text samples from various sources that corroborate his theory.

Professor Jones’ claim has generated a real tsunami of comments on the social media, and brought reactions from various religious organizations.

His Twitter account was literally flooded with insults after his announcement, calling him everthing from a ‘lunatic’ to a ‘heretic’ or a ‘Satan worshipper’.

Despite his association with a Mormon university, he has received little support, even from his employers or other members of the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter-day Saints, who have mostly taken their distances from him.

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  1. the name of jesus christ wive.

  2. the wive of jesus christ, names tell me.

  3. Ekene Marrie | April 2, 2016 at 8:28 pm | Reply

    Ye shall not add unto the word
    which I command you, neither
    shall ye diminish ought from it,
    that ye may keep the
    commandments of the LORD your
    God which I command you.

  4. professor Jones must be an agent of the devil

  5. How do I get that book am in Africa Kenya

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