Japanese Whaling Crew Eaten Alive By Killer Whales, 16 dead

A Japanese whaling crew has fallen victim to a dramatic full on assault by a school of killer whales, killing no less than 16 crew members and injuring 12, has reported the Japanese Government this morning.

The crew of the MV Nisshin Maru (日新丸), Japan’s primary whaling vessel and the world’s only whaler factory ship, was forced to leave the deck temporarily as a gas leak was detected within the ship’s processing factory that resulted in the ship being temporarily disabled all while continuing to carry approximately 1,000 tons of oil.

The resulting panic lead members of the ship to jump off the boat before proper emergency procedures were taken and lifeboats had been set to sea.  The swimming crew members were then ferociously attacked by a school of killer whales, that decimated a large number of the crew within moments. “It was horrific” claims Asuka Kumara, a mechanical engineer who witnessed the gruesome  scene. “The water was red with blood, there were bodies everywhere” he recalls in tears.

Within 30 minutes of the incident, 16 crew members had disappeared into the ocean.

The incident occurred in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, near the South Eastern Coast of South Africa, a controversial area to be whaling as a recent international court ruling has ordered the country to ends its whale hunt in the Antarctic. The East Asian nation halted its annual Antarctic whaling mission after the U.N.’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled last march the hunt violated an international moratorium on commercial whaling.

“It seems Japan just doesn’t give a damn about international law” explains environmental activist and spokesman for Greenpeace Canada, James Ben Shahali, based in Vancouver. “The waste of life is always a shame, but the whales are not to blame here, they were only doing what they are born to do: kill for food” he adds.

Some Greenpeace supporters have even celebrated the incident as a victory for the cause

Some Greenpeace supporters have even celebrated the incident as a victory for the fight against whale hunting worldwide

Japan has slaughtered over 6,000 whales since commercial whaling was made illegal by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) moratorium passed in 1986.

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  1. dave warwick | July 29, 2014 at 7:03 am | Reply

    sometimes karma’s a bitch

  2. well thats what they get shouldnt have been out there in the frist place now they lost their live as far as the gas leak could of been the whales causing that gas leak they will never know how much worse it could have been KARMA serving the world

  3. I think the world has turned upside down when people start caring more about animals then people. God gave the sea and the world for man not the other way around. It says in the Bible in the last days, people will call evil good and and good evil. This is a classic care on here.

    • Andrew Khalil | July 29, 2014 at 6:43 am |

      God instructed us to care about the earth as stewards of it, not destroy it in the way we have done. Never ever use God as an excuse to destroy or decimate the beauty that He gave us – it’s not about caring more for people or animals, it’s about respecting our place in the world as a part of it. We are not above the laws of nature or science, but as living things we are subject to them just as much as everything else.

    • God doesn’t exist…Nature does!!

    • @ Tammy Lee??? I agree wholeheartedly with Andrew.

    • Have you completely lost your mind Tammy Lee?

    • Glenda Pyke | July 29, 2014 at 8:41 am |

      If there is a God then this would be his call. Maybe a sign for the slaughter to stop.

    • Andrew Khalil – 100%

      Tammy Lee – catch a wake up.

    • Correct, Andrew, we are to be stewards of the earth and it inhabitants. We were not intended to plunder and destroy it. These animals take only what they need and contribute back to the earth. We would do well to learn from them instead of abusing and destroying the very Earth we were entrusted to protect. Sorry Tammy Lee, the Bible you quoted is more in reference to mans behavior. Animals are still obeying the laws of God and nature. We are the problem here, not the animals and yes I value them as Gods gifts to be treasured and protected as he intended. You see the results every day of mans abuse of the planet. Is there no hint in there for you? I never revel in anyone’s death and am sorry to hear of the loss of life here but these animals were eating to survive, not commiting an act of greed.

    • Tammy Lee I agree that these peoples death should not be celebrated in any way.I can see why people find pleasure in the irony, but the key is compassion…. Killing whales, which we know to be emotive and intelligent animals is barbaric (but hey I eat cows). So we all have a lot to improve about the way we live, before we go so far to cast stones, let alone think we know the laws of the universe, so much as to judge these souls.

    • Why do you people always have to involve gods and religions? Can’t you once think for yourselves?! Appaling…

    • Tammy Lee, agree with Polly Luke and Andrew. God would not want us to do anymore than protect his creatures, including fellow humans. Hitler tried to destroy a race, if this is condoned, a gentle non treatening race will be destroyed. We have to protect and not decimate God’s creatures to suit our purposes.

    • DunkieLEE | July 31, 2014 at 2:30 am |

      @tammy LEE, Seriously?! GOD? BIBLE?!! You don’t seem to understand much. Wonder how you survive in the world like this. Wakeup Tamnmy!!! Animal and Human have equal rights to be on this earth. And sad to say, we human did not contribute anything good back but destroy this live world. Human or world greatest enemy is Human ourself. One day we will kill ourself one way or the other. Don’t BLAME it on animals and don’t ever claim sea and world is given to MAN!! Is Human who took the sea and world!

    • You’re crazy Tammy. This isn’t even about God. Who are you to tell me that I should care more about whale killing A holes, who disregard international law and probably more than peaceful whales? Are you saying its not evil to kill whales?
      “people will call evil good and and good evil”

      If that’s the case, then you are only proving your own point.

    • People are having a go at other people for bring gods and religion into this?

      And yet MOST of the comments have the word ‘karma’ in them.

      Look up the origin of the word ‘karma’.

    • well said Andrew, Tammy Lee you have no idea clearly!!!

    • What has religion got to do with this? Normally I don’t mind someone ranting on about their “God” but your comment is just a load of sanctimonious rubbish.
      You see yourself as some sort of higher being or overseer of this earth… how pathetic is that?!

    • God doesn’t exist. Anarchy, let’s blow up japan. We’ll ride on whales!

  4. Colleana Ellem | July 29, 2014 at 6:01 am | Reply

    What goes around , comes around. Its called karma. 🙂

  5. Karma is a B#*ch but oh I love to see it do it’s thing. I was always taught by my dad do unto others as you would have them do unto you so I guess the whales were only following this philosophy. Soooo happy for them. 🙂

    • I live in the Pacific Northwest and we have huge pods of killer whales that range from the island i live on in the Salish Sea to Alaska. We have never had an insident where a killer whale has attacked a human. An the darn tours go out to see them in rubber rafts. I find it interesting that the whales choice in victims seems personal. Maybe they are much more intelligent than we think.

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