Italy: 21-year-old man cured himself of COVID-19 by drinking his own semen

An Italian man from the region of Lombardy claims to have cured himself of the coronavirus.

Francesco Linguini, 21, says he confined himself to his room after showing apparent symptoms associated with COVID-19.

He immediately took to the internet to find a cure and eventually found out that human sperm was one of the world’s most potent antibacterial agents.

“At first I wasn’t so pleased with the idea of drinking my own sperm, but after a few days, I discovered that mixed with two spoons of sugar, the stuff tastes great” Linguini, 21, told reporters when reached by Skype.

Doctor Luigi Augusto Cannelloni at Ponte San Pietro Hospital says that if Francesco Linguini might have cured himself through the consumption of his own semen, it might be an isolated case and warns others that it is not a cure sanctioned by Italian authorities for the moment.

“There is no scientific proof at this moment that drinking your own sperm will cure yourself of coronavirus, but at this time, nothing is off the table,” Doctor Luigi Augusto Cannelloni said on national television.

Although most experts are skeptical of Linguini’s claims, the young man is ready for doctors to make a vaccine from his sperm if Italian health officials are interested to examine his claims.

“If my sperm can save humanity from COVID-19 by making some sort of vaccine or pill from my sperm, I am willing to submit my body to science,” he told reporters.

Linguini said that his parents were very supportive throughout the whole ordeal and brought him food, toilet paper, and a bucket to make his confinement easier.

When interviewed by journalists, Francesco Linguini’s mother denied several reporters accusations’ that her son was, in fact, a homosexual, or that he was encouraging homosexual behavior.

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