Italian Olympic fencer impales lover during sex game gone wrong

A man was accidentally impaled last night in Milan after his lover inserted a fencing sabre in his rectal cavity during a particularly dangerous sex game.

According to the Italian Carabinieri, Antonio Bonaduce and his partner, two-time Olympic medalist Matteo Bianchi, both consented to engage in an unusual sex game which they had practiced several times before.

Mr. Bianci inserted most of the 3-foot long blade in his lover’s rectal cavity, but unlike the previous times, something went wrong.

After a sudden scream of pain, Mr. Bonaduce lost consciousness and started bleeding heavily.

The Olympic athlete immediately removed the sabre and called an ambulance, which arrived in a matter of minutes.

One of the paramedics who was called on the site described the scene in an interview with the Italian television network Canale 5.

“He was lying on the bed naked with his legs spread wide. There was some blood coming out of his anus and a large pool of blood on the bed. It was horrible.”

Antonio Bonaduce was transported to the hospital, where he remains unconscious and his condition is considered critical.

As for Mr. Bianci was arrested by the Carabinieri and accused of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

Shall Mr. Bonaduce die of his injury, he could also be accused of involuntary manslaughter.

Dr. Romano Esposito says Mr. Bonaduce lost more than 2 liters of blood and described his condition as “extremely critical”.

Thousands of people around the world are hospitalized every year after accidents linked to sex games, but deadly accidents are extremely rare.

The last deadly case reported in Italy was in 2013, when an 87-mm artillery shell blew up in a woman’s vagina during the shooting of a pornographic video.

The film producer and director had both been sentenced to 2 years in prison for their role in the accident.

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