Israeli Archeologist Uncovers Proof Judas Smoked Marijuana

Jerusalem| An archeological dig site excavated by a scientific team from the Biblical Research Foundation discovered what is presumed to be the tomb of the infamous biblical figure, Judas Iscariot, and also discovered proof that the man could have been a drug user.

The simplistic structure has been named by its discoverers, “Judas’s Tomb”, contained the bodies of two adult and one teenage males, certainly from the same family.

The inscriptions on the rough stone coffins seem to link the tombs to the Iscariot family, the corpses being identified as those of Judas, his father Simon, and his brother Joshua.

The site also contained three different heavily damaged scrolls, seven clay vases and 30 silver coins, an eerie reminder of Judas’s alleged wage from the temple authorities for betraying the Christ.

Another object has really caught the scientists attention: a small pipe-shaped wooden object that upon further investigation and analysis, was revealed to contain traces of cannabis resin.

“This could bring light to one the darkest part of the biblical history” explain Möshe Erdazovitch, the archeologist responsible for the site.

“If Judas was a drug addict, it could explain his need for money and also his suicidal behavior. We cannot come to such clear conclusions for now, but the evidence sure seems to lead in that direction. This could bring an all new explanation to the death of Jesus.”

Professor Erdazovitch hopes to have the bones analyzed for traces of cannabis, which would confirm the biblical traitor’s drug use.

The bones being extremely old, he says the analysis might very likely be inconclusive, so his team will keep searching the site for additional evidence to back his theory.

6 Comments on "Israeli Archeologist Uncovers Proof Judas Smoked Marijuana"

  1. Jonathan Field Markingson | March 27, 2014 at 10:12 pm | Reply

    Judas was a hemp addict. For more Marijuana related truths visit our website.


    So THIS is where the writers from Weekly World News went.


  4. From marijuana to drug addict. That is a stretch. It’s like calling someone who occasionally drinks socially a drunkard or alcoholic.

  5. If they are going to say Marijuana killed Jesus I’m going to be a little ticked. It wasn’t illegal then. Marijuana’s history is actually a lot more positive than this is playing it out to be.

    Second. This is not Judas. Judas spent his money to buy the land that he hung himself on. Which brings me to, he did not have suicidal tendencies he just flat out killed himself. And I’m guessing none of these mystery men had shattered bones?

    C’mon… C’mon

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