Israeli Archeologist Uncovers Proof Judas Smoked Marijuana

Jerusalem| An archeological dig site excavated by a scientific team from the Biblical Research Foundation discovered what is presumed to be the tomb of the infamous biblical figure, Judas Iscariot, and also discovered proof that the man could have been a drug user.

The simplistic structure has been named by its discoverers, “Judas’s Tomb”, contained the bodies of two adult and one teenage males, certainly from the same family.

The inscriptions on the rough stone coffins seem to link the tombs to the Iscariot family, the corpses being identified as those of Judas, his father Simon, and his brother Joshua.

The site also contained three different heavily damaged scrolls, seven clay vases and 30 silver coins, an eerie reminder of Judas’s alleged wage from the temple authorities for betraying the Christ.

Another object has really caught the scientists attention: a small pipe-shaped wooden object that upon further investigation and analysis, was revealed to contain traces of cannabis resin.

“This could bring light to one the darkest part of the biblical history” explain Möshe Erdazovitch, the archeologist responsible for the site.

“If Judas was a drug addict, it could explain his need for money and also his suicidal behavior. We cannot come to such clear conclusions for now, but the evidence sure seems to lead in that direction. This could bring an all new explanation to the death of Jesus.”

Professor Erdazovitch hopes to have the bones analyzed for traces of cannabis, which would confirm the biblical traitor’s drug use.

The bones being extremely old, he says the analysis might very likely be inconclusive, so his team will keep searching the site for additional evidence to back his theory.

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  1. I thought they all did drugs, that’s why they came up with such a great story. God is a jealous God thou shall not have another idol and yet we are to pray to his son etc., why is there so much bad in this world? Part of his pln what is it? Every generation since has awaited the savior to return and he never did… just saying…

    • When you sleep, do you remember every hour that passes. When Jesus comes again, it will feel as you just closed your eyes,

    • NO! Jesus told us clearly. We are to pray ONLY to God, our Father.

    • Christopher Wright | April 12, 2014 at 10:36 pm |

      Yeshua the Nazarene broke off from his family because that’s required of an Essene. The oldest Xian document we have –the Didache — has Yeshua referring to God his father and God his mother; and his apostles, especially the chief amongst them, his consort Miriam of Magadala, made clear that no one was to make up any laws or rules other than the ones the teacher gave them. The New Testament is a collection of fictitious mystery religion stories in which a misguided leader gets in trouble and is punished to death. Yeshua’s training amongst the Therapeutae as well as in India, Nepal and Tibet (where holy people live, even the children of whom would put to shame any of the fundamentalists — RC and Prots and all those who bow the knee to the lying murderer Paul, forgetting the two Messiahim predicted by the Essenes: Yeshua the Nazarene and his brother Yakov/Yeshua Bar Abbas. The Nazarene would be king, and Yakov (James the Just) would be high priest. As for Yeshua doing drugs: he trained amongst the most highly-regarded medical doctors of the time. He was a shaman, healing some, preaching to others, and ignoring others because there were no miraculous cures. In fact, besides the “crime” of healing on a non-Essenic Sabbath (Jews and Essenes had different calendars), priests like Annas and Joseph Caiphas agreed that the time for miracles was long over, that humankind had to take over their own destiny. Christians were amongst the most blithering conservative, illiterate (strange for a group led by such a wise holyman, but some mushrooms can make one think things impossible even if one believes in a bad image of a star-being/extra-terrestrial), and from the copious examples from art of the first five hundred years after X went back to Pakistan, entheogens are frequently portrayed as either the god itself, or the means by which the knowledge of God may be known.

  2. The idea that there was even a drug trade in that time is in pot in that era is nonsense … you have to make something illegal to have a market for drugs. Of course they haven’t figured that out in the past 2000 years! 🙂

    • Michael Balstad | March 28, 2014 at 6:14 pm |

      Opiates were used during those time periods, and if I remember correctly was legal. Yet many people still used it. Caffeine is a drug and that has a huge market. Alcohol is a drug and that has a huge market as well. Cannabis is legal in Colorado and they pulled in $3.4 million dollars in cannabis tax revenue alone after the first month of legalization

  3. Psychedelic man-bear-pig | March 8, 2014 at 11:58 am | Reply

    Nik………. you do realize that all the news reports are a joke right? you know, as in not real. Although it doesn’t surprise me that you think this is a serious report as I assume from your comment that you believe in an invisible, all ”mighty” entity that has never been seen by any legitimate sources and who, according to people like you, see’s everything and has the power to stop it yet doesn’t because all the violence, rape, torture, wars, famine, natural disasters are all part of his fucked up plan for….. what was it again? getting into an imaginary land in the clouds…. yeah I see how you’ve mistaken this site as a legitimate news site.

    • Alexandria Thieme | March 13, 2014 at 2:04 pm |

      ha! i bet you have never seen your own brain but you still believe there is one in that dumb head of yours. People can believe in whatever god/gods they want. and its disrespectfull of you to tell them their wrong for that.

    • Dani Marie | March 18, 2014 at 1:05 am |

      War, rape, etc. is a product of human sin. God blessed us with freedom of choice, but others misuse that privilege. Therefore, you cannot blame him for that. On the other hand, diseases, natural disasters, etc., entered the world when sin entered the world (as in, the perfect world from before the Garden of Eden was corrupted). We, as humans, chose sin, so this is all actually our doing, not God.
      -This is my interpretation from the Bible in case you were looking for answers! No hate, just trying to clear things up 🙂

    • pig, As many of these comments point out, God gave us free will. What we do with that free will is up to us. Most of the acts and events you described are mostly created by man! Have you ever heard of global warming and man’s contribution to weather patterns? This contributes to many conditions in this world. Also, there is Satan thrown in there presenting us with many temptations. Some can resist those temptations through the belief in God and knowing that Jesus Christ died for our sins. Otherwise, there would be much more devastation in the acts of His people. By His people, I mean all people on this earth, whether some believe or not.

    • Yeah well, a whole of bunch of you smart atheist types haven’t figured out this is a put-on either. And I’ll bet you’re so dumb you voted for Obama.

  4. Nik Braswell | March 7, 2014 at 4:52 pm | Reply

    Uh… No. If you actually read your own book, you’ll see that your God caused Judas to betray Jesus. It was part of “the plan”, was it not?

    • Um, don’t be so quick to judge. Remember, the Fall of Adam was part of the plan as well (else, how would we be here?) but that does not mean that Heavenly Father MADE Eve or Adam partake of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. In fact, He commanded them NOT to. In the end, we see that the transgression was necessary and understand that Adam and Eve repented for it.
      Coming back to Judas, his role was vital to the plan as well but again, God did not make him do it. Jesus Christ may have chosen Him for that very purpose knowing what he would do.

    • Obviously god’s commands don’t do a thing, then, do they? Odd, for an all powerful being.

    • Michael Balstad | March 28, 2014 at 6:11 pm |

      Um, no. Try to actually learn about a religion before you start talking crap about it. God knew he would, but he didn’t make him do it. There’s a difference between knowing and causing

    • So there’s a difference between knowing and causing? meaning if i put a knife 1 meter above a baby’s head and let it drop, i know itll fall on him, its gravity causing it, im not guilty? i know it seems dumb but think about it, God didnt just know, he KNEW and he put him in that situation GOD-KNOWING, not simple person knowing, GOD-KNOWING he would, its pretty much the same as my knife example.

    • If either Judas or the priest paid for Potters Field with the 30 pieces of silver, why is the money with Judas’s body and not safely in the hands of the person who sold it?

      Why were the other bodies buried in a tomb in a place that according to Matthew 27:5-6was for the burial of strangers?

      Either the Bible is wrong or this is not Judas’s tomb.

    • Rick,,, you may have the knife over the head of the baby… but YOU have the CHOICE to drop it or not… even GOD says he gave us FREE WILL…. HE can tell us not to do something,, after all that is what over HALF the BIBLE is all about…. but WE have the CHOICE to follow his LAWS and suggestions for a good life… or NOT to follow… ultimately the CHOICE IS OURS..

    • jesus is a fag

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