Israeli PM Condemns Latest Banksy Graffiti Art as Antisemitic, Issues International Arrest Warrant

Tel Aviv | An international arrest warrant has been issued on the famous graffiti artist Banksy for his latest graffiti on the Western Wall.

The graffiti done on one of the holiest sites in Judaism has shocked the Jewish community worldwide and has been declared a “hateful and antisemitic piece of garbage” by the Prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The controversial artist and political activist that has recently traveled to Gaza, to show support for the Palestinian cause, has now infuriated the Jewish community worldwide by his “blasphemous attack on Jewish culture” told Prime minister Netanyahu to reporters.

An Israeli judge has issued an international arrest warrant hours after the piece of vandalism was discovered on a segment of the walls surrounding the area of the Temple Mount (Har Habayit), which is the holiest site in Judaism and is the place to which Jews turn during prayer.


The controversial artist and political activist often travels to Gaza and brought international attention to the Palestinian cause after his graffitis were seen around the world

Prime minister Netanyahu has formally asked a judge to issue an international arrest warrant so Bansky can be dragged back to the country and accused of criminal vandalism.

“The desecration of this historical monument of profound significance to Jewish culture should be judged as a hate crime against the Jewish people” declared the Prime minister in an emergency press conference.

“Governments that have information on the identity or whereabouts of Banksy should come forth as soon as possible,” he told reporters, visibly angered by the whole situation.

If prosecuted, Banksy will face charges of “crime against the Jewish people” which is liable to imprisonment for a term of five years, according to Israeli laws.

4 Comments on "Israeli PM Condemns Latest Banksy Graffiti Art as Antisemitic, Issues International Arrest Warrant"

  1. graffiti not allowed, shooting children is allowed. Israel is perverse.

  2. So it is criminal to soil an old Jewish temple; but not criminal to decimate an old Muslim mosque. Netanyahu displays again his utter contempt for any culture other than his own

  3. Israel, criminals. Using anti-semitism as a excuse to arrest opposite. Trying to close the mouth to the world. But this is just starting.

  4. Jock Doubleday | May 23, 2018 at 9:30 pm | Reply

    Netanyahu reveals once again the extent of his psychopathy. He is truly a danger to humanity and to the earth.

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