Israel: Case of Virginal Conception Baffles Doctors and Scientists


Jerusalem| The pregancy of 17-year old Batya Abuhatzeira, has attracted a lot of attention and interest over the last weeks, as a growing number of scientists and doctors have proved unable to find an explanation to her astounding case. The jewish teenager found herself pregnant while on solitary confinement, during a three week activity of communion and prayer with her school, and is still clinically a virgin.

This case’s mystery begins with the circumstances of the “conception”, which presumably took place in a monastery near Beit Shemesh, which she was visiting with her religious private school. Miss Abuhatzeira was participating in a three week activity of prayer and monastic silence with 22 other girls from her class, in a religious institution forbidden to males. The young girl claims she had some mysterious dreams, ressembling a vision, in which a angel-like figure told her she would have a child.

The doctor who initially followed the progression of the girl’s pregnancy, demanded help from specialists after he noticed the girl was still a virgin, and that something about her kid seemed to disturb the ultrasound equipment and rendered clear imaging impossible. More than a dozen experts and specialists have tried to address the problem and find a solution, but it seems a mysterious energy field somehow blocks the scan.

The increased attention on Batya’s case has brought a lot of speculation from the media and the public, bringing forward dozens of wild and eccentric theories. Many religious organizations, including the Roman Catholic Church, have manifested their interest towards her child, due to the many similarities between this story and that of the Christ. Various alternative media have on the other hand, elaborated many wacky theories, going from a secret military genetic experiment directed by the Israeli Army, to an alien artificial insemination project.

Parthenogenesis in humans may seem far-fetched, but 50 years ago no-one  suspected that parthenogenesis could occur in any vertebrate: now all-female species have been documented in fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds (all major orders of  vertebrates except mammals). Parthenogenetic reproduction (reproduction without males) could occur among human females yet remain unnoticed.  Indeed, such a woman could have a husband and be totally unaware of her own condition.

A major study was conducted on the topic by Balfour-Lynn in 1956, which studied eight alleged cases, out of which in only one case, “Mrs. Alpha and  daughter,” did the subjects show apparent genetic identity in blood groups and several other genetically  determined traits including electrophoretic analysis of serum. The probability of such a close  match between a mother and daughter produced by heterosexual reproduction is less than one  chance in a billion.

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  1. Is this the Christ, or are we to look for another?

    • The Christ has already came, He came over 2000 years ago. Now we wait for Him to come back again and take us to heaven.

    • stylusmobilus | May 20, 2014 at 9:57 am |

      Good luck with that Paul, you and the pedophile you call your local priest will be waiting a long time.

      Here’s a better idea Frank. Stop believing garbage like this, and start looking for a way to think critically and observe evidence. Like evolution and the Big Bang theories. It’s going to be pretty disappointing for you when the last vestiges of the hallucinatory brain shart you have when you die fades and you realise that things are the same as they were before you were born…nothing. Enjoy what you have now, because it’s the only one you get.

    • The Israelis did not put Jesus on the cross. The Romans did. If this unborn child has anything to do with the Bible, it will be the antichrist, since he will come first.

    • Mei Misaki | May 22, 2014 at 10:21 pm |

      Christ died on a stake, not a cross

      the cross was already an adopted symbol, so the bible texts were altered to make it simpler and give the cross more meaning

      yet not only does the historical evidence but also some translations of the bible itself state he died on a stake

      btw this a joke site sooo….

    • Answer to
      Cindy. It is true, records show that The Romans were the ones to crucify. If the Catholics can exploit this and make money from it..they will. Who knows? There are so many armchair-quarterbacks in this world that there will be a million guesses.

    • Frank, el Cristo ya vino, se llama Jesús y si murió en un madero, pero resucitó. Vendrá nuevamente, pero no nacerá como un bebé de nuevo, vendrá en una nube. Pídele que quieres conocerlo y tener una relación personal con él, que reconoces que él es el Señor y que te salve de la muerte venidera, que anote tu nombre en el libro de la vida. y por su Espíritu Santo lo conocerás.

      y…stylusmobilus podrías probar también, si ocurre lo que tu dices, quien crea en Cristo no pierde nada, solo morimos y está la nada si es que tienes razón;

      pero, si no tienes razón, quien crea en Cristo tendrá vida eterna, y qué crees que pasará con los demás?

  2. what a complete load of bull…… immaculate conception my ass, plus people will believe anything they read from a story book because there afraid to live for themselves, but lets be honest even if the ‘story’ is true why in the hell would he come back to the same people that nailed him to that damned cross anyway

  3. Bingo Bongo | May 19, 2014 at 6:13 am | Reply

    Oi vei, its the lord of the jews, come once again to guide us to eternal riches!

  4. bet she caught it on a toilet seat !

  5. David,
    Maybe you should read the Bible a little closer. Jesus knew why he was sent to earth and let himself be put on that cross. It was for the same reason He will return for. To save the sinners. Not sure if this story is true or not but I do know the life and death of Jesus was not a story but fact.

    • stylusmobilus | May 20, 2014 at 9:50 am |

      No, you don’t. It is a story, not fact. Only two sources mention Jesus, the Bible and Koran. The New Testament and Koran were written by men centuries after the time, and both are full of fairy tales. The two infallible and recordable sources of history at the time, the Romans and Egyptians, do not even mention him.

    • @stylusmobilus They were written by the Matriarchy or by men working in partnership with the Matriarchy to provide mothers with a religious pretext to own marital and filial male slaves.

      The Matriarchal religions are horrifically misogynistic. That really should be the tell-tale clue that the Matriarchy produced them. Men have no motive to hate women for being women. Women who own exclusive marital and filial slaves have a motive to hate girls and young women.

      In any case, only mothers can perpetuate religious, cultural and societal values. Men don’t give birth or raise children Right.

    • jackstini | May 21, 2014 at 10:19 pm |

      Stylus, if you are going to comment you need to quote historically correct facts!

      There are many more history books than mention Jesus;
      Roman writers Josephus & Tacitus both included Jesus in their writings.
      Suetonius & Pliny the younger also cover Christianity in their works

      The Gnostic gospels were discovered in Egypt so writings from there cover Jesus also.

      Some of the books in the new testament were written only 70 years after the events happened – which is remarkably recent considering how remote and culturally unsophisticated an area (Galilee) they happened in

      Gospels written by different people, at different times, in different languages and in different places still contain the same record of events

      I understand it is hard to prove Jesus was the son of God – that is what faith is all about, belief without proof – but to deny his existence and everything written about him altogether is futile

      May God bless you with revealing the truth

    • Mei Misaki | May 22, 2014 at 10:23 pm |

      hate to nitpick, but it was a stake
      both historical evidence and original translations confirm this

    • I have an idea for everyone who does not believe that Jesus is the son of God, and that indeed he is real. First pray and ask God if he is real, ask him to show you the truth and I am convinced that he will. God Bless
      PS. also read the book 23 minutes in hell.

    • Amen, David well said. And for the rest of you that doubt, I will pray that our Heavenly Father takes the blinders off your eyes and opens your heart and mind to the Truth of His word the Bible which isn’t a story but the retelling of thruth.

    • Could he have been a jihardist believer. that was under the impression he to would get a house full of virgins.

    • stylusmobilus este Jesús en quien no crees dividió la historia en dos, antes de Cristo A.C. y después de Cristo D.C., Eso no te dice algo?

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