ISIS Fighter Converts to Christianity After Allah Refuses Him ‘Entrance to Gates of Heaven’

Aleppo | An ISIS jihadist has recently converted to Christianity after being left for dead near the Eastern border of Syria where he was finally rescued by Christian missionaries from the region, reports the Aleppo Herald this morning.

The man, that has miraculously survived multiple gunshot wounds after an altercation between ISIS and Syrian Army forces, was rescued by members of the Saint Dominican Catholic Presbytery of Ayyash hours after the conflict had erupted.

The members of the Christian organization wanted to give the man a proper Christian burial and carried him over 26 kilometers before the man miraculously came back to life as he was believed to have died from his wounds.


The man was believed to be dead for hours before he suddenly came back to life, recalls priest Hermann Groschlin, who discovered the body of the young man

As the man came back to his senses, he reported to priest Hermann Groschlin of the visions he had whilst in the afterlife, an event that profoundly changed the 32-year old jihadist and eventually led to his conversion to Christianity days later.

“He told me that he was always taught that to die as a martyr would open him the Gates of Jannah, or Gates of Heaven” recalled the priest.

“Yet, as he had started to ascend towards the light of the Heavens, devilish entities, or Jinns he called them, appeared and led him to the fiery pits of Hell. There he had to relive all the pain he had inflicted upon others and every death he had caused throughout his entire life. He even had to relive the decapitations of his victims through their own eyes”, images the jihadist claims will haunt him for the rest of his life, admits the priest.

“Then Allah, or God, spoke unto him and told him that he had failed miserably as a human soul, that he would be banned from the Gates of Heaven if he chose to die, but that if he chose to live again, he would have another chance to repent of his sins and walk along God’s path once again.”

The young man claims he was brought back to life moments later and eventually converted to Christianity days later, believing he had been misled throughout his religious life under the worship of Allah.

The young man, whose wounds have surprisingly healed in a very short time, has chosen to live amongst the members of the Catholic presbytery who rescued him from the desert and hopes his story will help other ISIS fighters change their ways and convert to the one and only true God, the priest told local reporters.

5 Comments on "ISIS Fighter Converts to Christianity After Allah Refuses Him ‘Entrance to Gates of Heaven’"

  1. I’ve been praying for just such a conversion. If one man has seen the LIGHT, there will be others. Keep praying, keep rescuing, God is in Charge.

  2. God will show the way to the pearly gates. Good choice

  3. Nango Evaristus | February 27, 2015 at 10:50 pm | Reply

    The message seems to imply you can be ok with God even as a muslim. Just live a good life.

  4. Halleluyah !!!what a joyful goodnews..I was waiting with prayer to hear ISIS repent.

  5. BISHOP KINGDOM THE GREAT | February 27, 2015 at 9:48 pm | Reply

    It is written,every knee must bow and that everytongue must confess that Jesus is Lord.

    God,have His own ways of doing things in order to bring glory unto His Name

    For my thought are not your thought,neither are your ways my ways,says the Lord.
    For as the heavens are higher than the earth,so are my ways higher than your ways,and my thoughts than your thoughts.(Philippians 2:8-10, Isaiah 55:8-9)

    Whether Satan Likes it or not, JESUS IS LORD.

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