Irish midget accused of posing as a leprechaun to extort sex from 26 women in exchange for pot of gold

A 3-foot-and-4-inches-tall Irishman was arrested this morning for allegedly taking advantage of credulous women by posing as a leprechaun and extorting sexual favors in exchange for a fictional “pot of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow”.

29-year old Connor O’Byrne was arrested this morning at his Dublin residence by the Garda Síochána, the Irish national police.

According to police spokesman Seamus Murphy, Mr. O’Byrne used a rather unusual stratagem to cheat both tourists and naive locals sexual favors from them:

“The victims all said he dressed up like a leprechaun and said he had a huge pot filled with gold coins, hidden at the end of a rainbow, that he was willing to offer for sex.”

Surprisingly, that rather far-fetched scam fooled dozens of gullible women. 26 victims have already filed complaints with the Garda, but investigators believe the real number of victims could be over 200 or even 300.

“Many of these women were extremely naive and vulnerable. Some even cried when we told them that leprechauns don’t really exist.”

While searching through his house, the police found six different leprechaun costumes, as well as a few ancient gold coins he used to “prove the existence of his pot” and lure his victims.

Garda Síochána spokesman, Seamus Murphy, says the number of victims could be in the hundreds and asks other victims to contact the police.

Mr. Connor faces a total of 64 criminal charges, including 26 accusations of embezzlement, 18 charges of sexual abuse and 8 charges of fraud.

According to investigators, the number of accusations could easily double or even triple over the next few days.

If found guilty on all charges, he already faces a sentence of life in prison and a fine of  €75,000.

His trial his expected to begin in March at the Dublin criminal courts of Justice.

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  1. See this is why i love midgets

  2. Every day, we stray further from God

  3. i hope he has a legal team of midget lawyers. They should all dress and act like over-the-top leprauchans to demo how ridiculous the case is.

  4. reminds me of the dude that said his penis died, and asked if he could bury in your ass.

  5. So how different is this from a ‘pick up line’ in California where the guy says he has electricity and a hot tub when PG&E does their rotating blackouts courtesy of the Legislature???
    The guy has a ‘line’ and the ladies went for it and got pleasured, but not rich…

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