Iran: Archeologists Discover 5 Meters Tall Human Skeletons

Tehran | A group of Russian archeologists working on a dig site in western Iran has made what could be the greatest discovery in decades. They have unearthed a total of six humanoid skeletons belonging to individuals that seem to each have measured more than 5 meters high.

The scientists responsible for the discovery have not yet pronounced themselves about whether these were the remains of excessively gigantic and oversized homo sapiens, or the first specimens ever discovered of a brand new species of proto-humans that could have coexisted with our ancestors.

Andrei Asimov, professor of archeology and paleoanthropology at the University of St-Petersburg and researcher in charge of the excavation site, explains that this discovery could explain many stories that were until now dismissed by historians as simply mythological.

“This means that Goliath and his fellow warriors from the mythical city of Gath could really have been more than 3 meters tall,” he tells our reporter.

“This also means that many different people over a long period of time could have encountered real existing giants and passed down stories about them to their descendants. We’ll definitely have to review our conception of history as it is and accept that many legends just might be real!”

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  1. This is not meant to serious, you dripshit fools.

  2. Abraham Lincoln once said the internet would be used to make people believe things that aren’t true.

  3. He must have had a whale of time! oh ho ho ho!

    Just no.

  4. It’s amazing how many people still think we just CRAWLED up out of the ocean rather than taking the time to consider that there might actually be a Creator. Honestly…if there wasn’t a God…how did we really get here? A star exploded and I evolved from a single cell?? No way! I am carefully and intelligently designed. Think about it next time you’re at a funeral and looking at the shell of the person left in the casket without a soul…their soul has to go somewhere…if you think you just fall in a deep sleep when you die or that everyone just automatically goes to Heaven…you might wanna reevaluate that theory…there is ONE path. Giants DID exist…they were the 1/3 of the fallen angels that followed Satan and then laid with the people of this world. Not saying this particular photo is or isn’t real. The history laid in generations past echo the tales to us thousands of years later. No further comments from me. I hope we can look beyond the picture and know the truth.

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