Indonesian zoo employee hospitalized after attempting oral sex on male rhino

Surabaya | A zookeeper at Indonesia’s Surabaya Zoo has been severely injured after being trampled by a Sumatran rhinoceros, reports the Kalimantan Press this week.

Rano Rampan, a 43-year-old employee at the Surabaya Zoo, allegedly attempted to perform oral sex on the 1,600-pound animal as a cure to his erectile dysfunction, according to hospital staff.

The man, that also suffers from severe symptoms of depression, told doctors at Surabaya’s National Hospital that his wife had recently left him for another man because he could no longer perform his duties in bed.

“He believed that if he drank sperm from the rhinoceros’ penis maybe he could get back his erections and his wife would come back to him,” one hospital staff told reporters.

Surabaya Zoo employee Rano Rampan was trampled by Rocky, a 1,600-pound Sumatran rhinoceros, while he attempted to extract semen from the animal for aphrodisiac purposes, according to the report.

“Sexual interactions between employees and animals are strictly prohibited at Surabaya Zoo,” a Surabaya Zoo spokesman reassured reporters when reached by phone.

Zoo employee Rano Rampan, 43, has been temporarily suspended without pay for his “improper behavior” has also confirmed one zoo official.

Rhinoceros horn powder is an illegally used traditional medicine believed by many in the region to be a powerful aphrodisiac and a crude form of Viagra, according to local officials.

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