Indian Man Claims He’s 179 Years Old

Varanasi | A retired cobbler from northern India, Mahashta Murasi, claims he was born in January 1835, making him not only the oldest man on earth but the oldest to have ever lived, according to the Guinness World Records.

According to Indian officials, the man was born at home in the city of Bangalore on January 6th, 1835, and is recorded to have lived in Varanasi since 1903.

He worked as a cobbler in the city until 1957, when he retired at the already venerable age of 122.

“I have been alive so long, that my great grand-children have been dead for years” explains Mr. Murasi.

“Somehow death forgot about me… And now there’s hardly any hope left. Look at the statistics, nobody dies past 150, even less at 170. At that point, I guess I’m immortal or something. I might as well enjoy it!”

The man’s birth certificate and identity cards all seem to confirm his version, but unfortunately, no medical examination can confirm his saying for now.

The last doctor Mister Murasi visited died in 1971, so there is little information available about his previous medical files.

5 Comments on "Indian Man Claims He’s 179 Years Old"

  1. Que Dieu le pere vous guide

  2. So what can he teach us for those 179 years

  3. 1.Enough with the swears.
    2. There’s a God alright.
    3.It may not be a miracle but no trade of lives.
    4.Are you aware that Jehovah could have killed you off by now?
    5.Death are caused mostly by unfortunate circumstances.

    Any more questions?!

  4. Ghaffar Abidemie Jenesaisquoi | August 1, 2015 at 1:02 pm | Reply

    That is he’s taking after Methuseläh that lived for ä spell of 969 yrs.well,I Can see that the senile man is in the doldrums of unhappiness, expressing blasphemmies, he doesen’t need that… God has reason for His doings.

  5. Sachinkumar bhuyan | July 19, 2015 at 5:43 pm | Reply

    In india there are many people who live more than 100 year but they live forest ,mountan etc they dont come out of it they are baba ,saint ,guru they live there are body to god

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