Idaho teen sexually assaulted by a grizzly bear while disguised as a sasquatch for a hoax video

A prank attempt went terribly wrong for a 14-year old boy from Boise, as he was raped by a 700-lb grizzly bear while walking around in the woods in a sasquatch costume.

Anthony Drake and two of his friends decided to shoot a fake video of a sasquatch last weekend in an attempt to fool one of their teachers who firmly believes in the existence of the giant ape.

They created an elaborate costume from a bear pelt, a fur coat, and a few other furry accessories.

The teenage boy began walking around in the woods and behaving in an ape-like manner as his friends filmed the scene with their cell phones.

Unfortunately for the 14-year old, a grizzly bear took interest in him and approached unnoticed to assault him.

“I heard my friends scream my name and a second later this huge mountain of hair and fangs was all over me.”

Anthony first thought the animal wanted to kill him, but he rapidly understood otherwise.

“It kept dragging me towards him and scrubbing its genitals over me. It lasted ten minutes until it came all over me and left.”

Agents of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game were dispatched of the site to locate the grizzly bear, notably finding a deer head suggesting it woke from hibernation early and is looking for food.

As soon as the bear left, his friends rushed to his side to help him and called 911. He was rapidly transported to the St-Luke’s Boise Medical Center where he was treated for a state of shock.

Luckily for him, the young man suffered only from bruises, scratches, a few lacerations, and a minor concussion.

However, doctors say that he may suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome or other serious psychological consequences from this extremely painful ordeal.

Grizzly bears are usually known to avoid humans and remain in isolated and heavily forested areas, so this kind of attack is extremely rare in the United States or Canada.

Only three similar cases have been reported over the last 15 years, the last one being in Colorado in 2013, so experts believe the bear may have been fooled by the teen’s costume and confused him with another bear.




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    So Bears, not only sheit in the woods a.

  2. “it was a pleasure to meet you I guess…”

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