Hunter nearly killed by brutal sexual assault from 1,200 lbs moose

Missanabie, Ontario |  A man from Michigan is in a critical condition after suffering a savage attack from a large moose, while hunting in Canada.

Jeremy Larsen was hunting with his brother and his nephew near Dog Lake, in Ontario, when he accidentally spilled an entire jar of moose urine on himself. He decided to leave the group and head back to their cabin, three miles away, to change his clothes.

He had about a mile left to walk when he was attacked by a male moose, weighing around 1200 lbs.

Mr. Larsen tried to use his weapon to defend himself, but he was rapidly knocked out after receiving many kicks from the moose’s front hooves.

While the poor man was lying on his knees, defenseless, the powerful animal began rubbing his massive genitals all over him, mimicking sexual intercourse.

The animal assaulted Mr. Larsen for several minutes before ejaculating and finally leaving him alone.

The severely injured hunter was found two hours later by his brother and nephew, who were also heading back to their cabin.


John Larsen, the victim’s nephew, says his uncle was unconscious and covered in blood when they found him.

Jeremy Larsen was transported by helicopter to a Toronto hospital, where doctors were able to stabilize his condition. He suffers from five broken ribs, a perforated lung, and 15 bone fractures, but doctors no longer fear for his life.

Only hours after the attack, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry issued a warning concerning the use of moose urine. The ministry states that this is the third attack of this kind to occur in the province since 2011 and that all three were due to urine spills.

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  1. Who cares who’s hunting in whos country… jeeeez. …
    Poor guy


  3. They say the guy looked like a jellyfish when they found him.

  4. to the idiot that said, “I’m assuming you’re vegan?” other people that are not necessarily vegan also happen to respect life and not want to see assholes killing animals for fun. I’m assuming you’re ignorant? its the 21st century, this American in Canada is DEFINITELY not hunting for food sweetie, you have money to go hunting in Canada but not to buy food? Please…

  5. simoom tempest | November 17, 2016 at 9:25 pm | Reply

    Way sick muthafuckin animal murdering fucktard gets completely owned and raped by huge daddy moose whilst he is drinking it’s piss…….sounds a very unsavoury character to me.

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