Grandparents sue hypnotherapist after he failed to turn their grandson into a heterosexual

Jackson, MS | Grandparents of a Mississippi teenager are suing a hypnotherapist for $200,000 after he promised them he could turn their homosexual grandson into a heterosexual.

Over a period of 18 months, Jason Gilmour, 67, and his wife Judith Gilmour, 64, sent their 14-year-old grandson to hypnotherapy sessions an average of three times per week.

The couple allegedly paid over $100,000 in hypnotherapy sessions and claim that Dr. Mohammed Ben Salam told them there was progress when there was none.

“We didn’t like that he was a Muslim at first but other people told us his techniques were extremely effective” Jason Gilmour, 67, said in court.

The couple was introduced to Dr. Salam by a family friend who told them his cousin had turned heterosexual after only six months of treatment.

“Also there are no gay people in Muslim countries so we believed they must know something we don’t,” Gilmour told the judge.

In a 2016 television interview, Dr. Mohammed Ben Salam was questioned about his controversial techniques and admitted he could cure approximately 80% of his patients of homosexuality, a disease that finds its origins in Western culture and television, according to him.

“Some of my patients I can cure, but some are too homosexual to ever be cured, as in this case,” Dr. Salam told the judge.

Dr. Salam claims he never promised a 100% rate of treatment and that the Gilmour’s refused to implement the final steps of the therapy.

“I can only promise a 100% chance of turning the patient into a heterosexual person if they accept to convert to Islam, which they vehemently refused,” Dr. Salem added in his defense.

Dr. Salam’s lawyer claims his client never promised to cure the young boy and that his client’s experimental approach could not guarantee success every time.

According to his website, Dr. Mohammed Ben Salam is a licensed psychologist since 1978 after graduating from the University of Gujrat in Pakistan and obtained a hypnotherapist license online in 2004.

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