Former Russian spy claims he killed “the real Donald Trump” in 2006

A man claiming he was a professional assassin for the Russian secret services says he killed the “real Donald Trump” in 2006 and that Moscow replaced him with a look-alike.

59-year Vladimir Petrovitch Volchenkov left his home in St-Petersburg in May to seek asylum in France, arguing that his life was in danger if he remained in Russia.

He claims he spent 41 years working for the KGB and its successor the FSB and admits to killing over 180 people for the Russian state.

Mr. Volchenkov says most of those victims were Russians perceived as threats by the Kremlin, but at least a dozen were influential foreigners.

On his list, one name definitely stands out among the others: the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Volchenkov claims he killed Mr. Trump after an event in Prague in 2006, insisting that the man acting as president is an impostor.

“I would do as ordered, no matter who the target was. I didn’t know who Mr. Trump was when I was ordered to kill him. I just did what I had to do.”

He says he strangled the billionaire in his hotel room and that the FSB immediately replaced the billionaire with a look-alike.

“The secret services do that all the time. Some agents undergo facial surgery to look like certain people, who are then eliminated and replaced.”

Vladimir Volchenkov claims he only saw Mr. Trump as a businessman at the time and had no idea that the Kremlin intended to get their agent elected President.

When asked about the claims during a press conference aboard Air Force One this morning, the president dismissed the claims as “lies and fake news”, adding “I’m the real me!”.

Mr. Volchenkov’s claims have generated a lot of reactions and conspiracy theories on the social media.

Many Trump supporters call him a fraud and a liar, while others accusing him of working for the Democrats.

Many of Trump’s opponents on the other side hope the 59-year old man could hold the key to proving that the President is a Russian agent and that Moscow manipulated the election.

Mr. Volchenkov says he will reveal all details about Trump’s killing and other assassinations in his autobiography which is set to be published in December.

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