Former Malaysian Prime Minister refutes allegations of running elephant brothel

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was set to appear in court this week after Malaysian authorities raided an animal brothel last October situated on one of his private ranches in Temerloh, in the state of Pahang, reports the Kalimantan Press.

Malaysian police arrested a record 36 sex offenders at the time and seized 16 elephants and 11 water buffalos in what is believed to be the largest crackdown on an animal brothel in the history of Malaysia.

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak is suspected to have organized a number of social events of sexual nature with high profile Malaysian officials between 2007 and 2018, information he may have later used to blackmail and bribe officials, believe experts.

Najib Razak who had, until now, refused to comment the allegations finally came out of his silence this week to completely refute the accusations.

“Never have I participated in sexual activities with elephants nor do I plan to do so in the future,” he told reporters, visibly angry.

Malaysian authorities seized and rescued 16 elephants and 11 water buffalos last October on Najib Razak’s private ranch in Temerloh, in the state of Pahang, who now faces allegations of bestiality for the purpose of political corruption, blackmail, and bribery.

“They [the politicians] would run around half-naked and indulge in perverse sexual acts with the baby elephants” a caregiver of the animals, told reporters under the guise of anonymity.

According to eyewitness testimonies, many guests would spread fermented mango on their naked bodies and genital organs, which young elephants are known to be particularly fond of.

“There were also many beautiful women escorts, but it seems they [the politicians] preferred to have sex with the elephants, which we didn’t understand why,” another worker added.

The fact that several elephants were named after the former prime minister’s wife, as well as three of his unofficial mistresses, has also raised suspicion amongst the Malaysian population and turned many of his staunch supporters against him.

In 2012, a Malaysian freelance journalist had accused the former prime minister of similar allegations claiming he had photographic evidence of high-profile politicians indulging in “sex orgies” with “water buffalos and elephants.”

Tengku Pathmanaban, 26, was later found dead in his apartment, succumbing to 16 self-inflicted stab wounds to the heart, chest, and liver as well as from ingesting 1,6 kg of rat poison, of which authorities at the time concluded to a suicide.

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