Former Joe Biden staffer says ex-boss fondled cat inappropriately in ‘sexually explicit manner’

A former Senate staffer has officially accused Joe Biden of fondling her cat in a ‘sexually explicit manner’ reports the Washington Herald.

Elana Horwitz, 46, says she filed a report with a congressional personnel office in 2017 that explicitly accused former Vice President Joe Biden of sexual assault and harassment on her seven-year-old cat, Zoe.

The incident occurred during a 2017 Senate staff party where Biden was present and where Horwitz had decided to bring her domestic pet.

“He kept fondling Zoe’s nipples and whispering in a creepy voice what a good-looking pussy cat she was,” Elana Horwitz told the Washington Herald.

Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, who was already facing heightened scrutiny over his past conduct towards women has now been officially accused of sexual misconduct on a domestic animal.

“During the party, Zoe went missing and I later found her with Biden in a room with the lights shut as he was pulling his pants up” Horwitz recalled in horror.

Horwitz also confirmed that a rape test kit, also known as a sexual assault kit (SAK), had been used by a veterinary at the time to gather and preserve physical evidence following the alleged sexual assault.

“The 2017 veterinary report confirms my client’s allegations that there was some form of anal penetration performed onto the animal” Horwitz’s lawyer, Adam Freeman, told reporters.

Joe Biden is the first Democratic presidential nominee to be accused of sexual assault on an animal with the exception of Bill Clinton who faced accusations of sexual misconduct on a cow during a rumored cocaine binge on an Iowa farm in 1992.

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  1. Poor Joe forgot what pussy to pet again.

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