Florida Man Falls Victim to Leprosy After Sex with Armadillo

Maytown, FA | A 22-year old man has contracted leprosy after family members admittedly reported to officials that the young man had frequent sexual relations with the family’s domesticated armadillo.

The young man that is being hospitalized at the Central Florida Regional Hospital is suffering from an advanced condition that doctors have determined to be Hansen’s disease, or leprosy, an affliction that has seen a dramatic revival in southern states where 9 cases have already been diagnosed in Florida alone since last October, according to the Department of Health.

Doctors interrogated family members after the disease had proliferated to the young man’s pubic area, an uncommon area of the body for the affliction to spread.

james potter

Dr. James H. Potter, of the Central Florida Regional Hospital, says every reported case of leprosy this year involved people who were in direct contact with armadillos

Not an STD

“At first glance, we tried to treat the affliction as an STD, but we soon realized our treatments were unsuccessful and the disease kept spreading more intensely until family members decided to tell us about the family animal” explains Dr. James H. Potter.

“The family was afraid of legal consequences for the boy, but I’m glad they told us the entire story so that we can now treat him properly and prevent further spread of the disease” he added.

The family members intervention might have saved the man’s life, believe experts.

A shy young man

“Timothy always had a hard time interacting with others and making friends. He was always so keen about animals, so we decided to let him keep the animal after he had caught him last spring” admits Jane Whitestone, mother of the 22-year old man.

“He was very fond of the little critter, he would spend all his time with him, even sleeping with him at night. We knew it was a bit awkward for a 22-year old to spend so much time with an armadillo, but he looked so happy, we never said a thing” she told local reporters.

According to the Center for Disease Control, armadillos are the only animal to carry leprosy, a bacterial disease that affects the skin and nerves. The Health Resources and Services Administration has reported that there are currently about 6,500 cases of the disease in the U.S.

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  1. Dear Sara;

    Please do not fret. He will not be able to rape anything when his p3n1s falls off.

  2. He needs to be arrested and jailed for animal abuse. Disgusting sicko – and his family, what a bunch of white trash losers!

  3. Pretty sad that the family was enabling this sick man instead of getting him the psychiatric help he needs. I guess this is karma.

    10 bucks says his parents voted for Obama, lol

    • More likely they’re voting for trump. Dumb hicks don’t vote for Obama. Makes too much sense.

  4. You can’t call this he was having sex with the armadillo — He was raping the armadillo. He is a disgusting, sicko rapist. He was raping a defenseless animal. He has to be treated as a rapist. All serial killers who murder humans start with torturing and killing animals. Likewise This sicko who raped an armadillo will rape female humans if he is not kept behind bars.

    • How can you say that, you don’t know he’ll rape women, you’re fucked up for jumping to that conclusion Sara, he is messed up, but needs treatment psychologically and medically, his dick might have fallen off

    • It’s not like it used to be.. Animals were clean 50 yrs ago.. Not anymore. It’s a shame too, you can’t just go out and doink as you please without a buckskin condom on these days, and God help you if word gets out.

  5. He got leprosy from having sexual relations with an armadillo. How can you explain that that’s going to be very awkward very sad for this young man with future relationships that he may have. Or maybe not

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