Florida: 400-Pound Woman Survives Sexual Assault by herd of Manatees

Fort Pierce, FL | The U.S. Coast Guard rescued a Florida woman from a frightening assault by a herd of manatees yesterday near Pepper Park Beach, a popular beach in the area.

The tourist on vacation went for a swim near 2 pm in the afternoon when she was suddenly caught up by a herd of male manatees that possibly mistook the poor woman for a female manatee.

“I was just playing around in the water when I suddenly noticed a herd of manatees next to me. At first, I was curious, but eventually I became scared when they started getting agitated” she recalls, visibly traumatized by the latest events.

« Then something pulled me underwater and as I gagged for air, I felt the crushing weight of one of the beasts on my back and at that moment, I thought I was going to die »

– Julie Dorset

“It all happened in a flash, all I remember is the horrifying sight of the manatees trying to grab me and force me into submission. Luckily, a man on a jet ski caught their attention and scared them away moments before the Coast Guard rescued me,” she told local reporters.


A herd of male manatees possibly mistook the vacationer for a female manatee, a rare phenomenon as manatees are usually shy creatures

A bloody vaginal discharge

The sexual assault of the herd of manatees on a human being could be explained by the menstrual cycle of the vacationer, believes Jane Keller, professor of biology at the University of South Florida.

When a female manatee goes into estrus, she is soon detected and pursued by numerous male manatees throughout the cycle. During that time, the female can mate with a dozen or more males in what is known as an estrus or mating herd. It is possible that the animals mistook the bloody vaginal discharge of the victim’s period as a female manatee in estrus,” she explains.

“I would definitely suggest that women not go swimming during their menstrual cycle in areas where manatee mating occurs,” she warns.

Lucky to be alive

Tyler Smith, a 17-year-old lifeguard present during the sexual assault, believes she is lucky to be alive.

“We often see manatees nearby but it’s the first time they attack someone,” he admits.

“There were so many manatees around her, I think I counted at least 10 of them. They were all fighting against each other to get on her back and hump her, it was like a big manatee gangbang. She is definitely lucky to be alive” he acknowledges, visibly distraught by the whole affair.

Although experts claim this is an unprecedented and isolated incident, increased security measures will be taken to prevent further occurrences of such tragic incidents, say local authorities.

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    • Heather, I doubt she could walk a mile in her own shoes

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  3. Why would you still be at the beach when your bleeding that heavy, let alone in SHARK infested waters????

    • Sharks are not attracted to human blood

    • Also, it’s not blood. Although we have dubbed it “period blood”, it’s actually the lining of the uterus not blood at all. Basic health class 101 people.

    • Of course it’s blood Ashleigh. It is made up of other things like fluid and mucus but it still contains blood. “Basic health class 101” Ashleigh.

    • AshleighIsDumbAsApost | February 27, 2016 at 9:20 am |

      Ashleigh, only a Floridian could be as ignorant as your statement indicates.

    • One.. Sharks have never been proven to not be attracted to human blood. In fact is very likely to but there’s not a huge amount of data either way.

      Two.. There is blood in period discharge. What else in the body is red? And why would women experience occasionally clotting or take anticoagulants for the whole process?

      And three… Youre all fucking idiots. It’s not just “floridians”.

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    • ELIZABETH | April 3, 2016 at 2:15 am |

      If blood is a component, the whole thing isn’t blood, y’all. It’s blood and blank and blank. Not blood. Like Ashleigh said.

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