Fisherman Captures 3,000-Pound Great White Shark in Great Lakes

Waukegan, IL | The capture of a 3,000-pound great white shark in Lake Michigan yesterday could explain the disappearance of hundreds of missing people in the region in the last decade, has confirmed the U.S. Coast Guard this morning.

John O’Keefe, a Canadian tourist, captured the 3,000-pound beast while fishing for sturgeon in Michigan Lake.

“We reeled in the beast for a good 4-5 hours before we finally shot it and wounded it to the head” explains the Toronto resident on vacation.

“Luckily, I had my rifle in hand, or else this prize fish would’ve never been caught” claims his friend, a long-time resident of Chicago, Allan Brooks.

“I’d heard of the Lake Michigan monster, but never did I expect to catch it myself,” claims the 63-year-old tourist on a weekend-long vacation in the area.

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John O’Keefe, a Canadian tourist and Toronto resident, captured the 3,000-pound beast while fishing for sturgeon in Michigan Lake yesterday

A record-size fish

The great white shark estimated at more than 1,5 tons is the biggest fish ever caught in the region, believe experts.

“It is clearly not common to find such a beast so far inland” admits professor of biology at the University of Illinois, Allan Jameson.

“Either rising sea temperatures and depleted fish stocks possibly led the shark to adventure itself further into the Great Lakes region, but this is clearly the first occurrence of such a beast in the region that I can remember of” he admits, visibly puzzled.

“It is also possible it traveled to the region through underwater tunnels that interconnect between the Great Lakes,” he told reporters.

A series of disappearances

Authorities suspect that more than a hundred people reported missing in the area in the last decade may have fallen under the fangs of the gigantic beast, several local residents even suspecting its presence for a long time.


Local campground owner, Robert Helm, says he had warned authorities about the series of disappearances to no avail

“I’ve owned this campground for the past seventeen years” explains local entrepreneur, Robert Helm.

“I’ve had my load of visitors disappearing mysteriously over the years, but I was told not to say anything about it. People would check in, but they wouldn’t check out,” he recalls. “Nobody ever believed me anyway and it would’ve scared away the tourists,” he told local reporters.

“It would’ve been bad for business in town” he adds, visibly relieved since the capture of the large creature.

U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Sidney Johnson reassured local residents that the occurrence of such a predator in the region’s waters “is highly unlikely” as sharks are not well adapted to freshwater systems, dealing great damage to their kidneys and respiratory system.

In 1916, a deadly shark attack near Presque Ile beach, in Lake Erie, made national headlines, forcing local authorities to ban swimming in the region for over 14 years until the ban was lifted in 1930.

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  1. Such damn asses, If i lived in the area and had a beautiful lake in the front of my home with kids enjoying the lake and i saw a great white shark i would rather the shark be killed than my kids. I am A deer hunter,turkey hunter,fisherman and i love our new president. Some of also have common sense.

  2. Mike Curts, I love your comment, one sided as it is. Man goes into an animals environment, gets killed and the animal is a man eater? That animal did not seek out that human. He killed to survive. Man, on the other hand, goes into, pollutes, and diminishes an animals habitat, kills and consumes hundreds of different animals. KILLS FOR SPORT? To say this was an imbalance is an understatement.

  3. Resident of Erie pa | March 4, 2017 at 4:08 am | Reply

    Hey asshole you should use spell check Lake Erie IS spelled with one e not two

  4. People dissapearance was not proven to have been caused by a shark. Besides, People don’t just have to go swimming anywhere they fancy. They could have put the danger sings and no swimming signs, they did not have to kill the shark. Or, if classified ad dangerous, in that case let’s kill Donald Trump and half of the Americans (they posses weapon, they are dangerous, ans not all of them have common sense. More people die of violence than animal attacks in USA, that should justify killing them, since it’s ok to kill a shark).

    • You are a nut.

    • I an american who has every right to brar arms should not be killed lmao… Come at me… My guns are for protection… Oh and get iver it… Trump is president… I knew some little minded person would bring trump into this…. Congrats you took the dumb a** award on this one lmao

    • illegal or anchor bringing Trump into it,what do you know,what a coincidence,now you have an education,can you take it back and make your country great again,mines taking a hit for your ignorance and your relatives and their neighbor oh and their neighbor and dont forget that other neighbor,dont talk about my president

  5. I think the shark should have been killed and out of the great lakes. What if it was in the lakes your family and friends swam in and something happened to one of them. They belong in the ocean not in the great lakes!

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