Finland: Wife who left husband for German Shepherd claims she is now pregnant

A 38-year-old Finnish woman who recently left her husband and three children to spend the rest of her life with her 6-year-old German Shepherd claims she is now pregnant.

Heidi Forss, 38, a preschool teacher in the city of Jyväskylä, abandoned her family last year to dedicate herself solely to Jätti, her 6-year-old German Shepherd.

The interspecies couple that has now been living together for the past 18 months is now expecting a child, although the pregnancy came as a surprise to both parents and even the family doctor.

“The doctor said he had no idea how it happened but told me he was very happy for me and Jätti,” she told reporters in tears, visibly ecstatic.

Dr. Jörn Ragnar Henriksson at Terveystalo Jyväskylä central hospital says he cannot explain the pregnancy but said that interspecies breeding has not been studied in depth by modern science and further research into the subject was necessary.

“There was no more love in my marriage and the sex was terrible. Jätti knows how to please me and is always there for me,” explained Forss, who experienced numerous episodes of depression during her 12-year-long marriage.

Although being separated from her children has taken a toll on her, the divorce court judge believing her “unusual lifestyle” could affect her children in a negative way, she still has custody of them during the summer months.

“Jätti is also great with the kids and always wants to play with them, he never ceases to have energy. They just love him, he has a great positive mindset and is a great father figure to them,” she added.

Although Forss swears she has not been unfaithful to her canine lover, experts believe she may have been accidentally impregnated by a tetanus shot she was given last month, a rare occurrence that hits one person in 100,000 according to a recent World Health Organization study.

Finland stands alongside Romania and Hungary as one of the last three EU countries in which sexual intercourse with an animal remains legal as long as the animal is not harmed.

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