FBI seizes over 3,000 penises during raid at morgue employee’s home

FBI agents made an astonishing discovery this morning while executing a search warrant at the residence of a Houston mortician: 3,178 embalmed human penises.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation suspected 54-year old Dave Murray, an employee of the Harris County Morgue, of being implicated in an organ trafficking network.

Investigating several reports of missing organs and body parts, dozens of agents raided his residence this morning, hoping to find evidence of his involvement in the crimes.

What they found on the site was a lot more disturbing than what they expected, as the FBI spokesman Andy Ramirez described the scene in an interview with WNTV-4.

“There were shelves everywhere, filled with hundreds of glass jars. Each of them contained a penis floating in formalin.” 

According to Agent Ramirez, the accused rapidly confessed everything as soon as he was arrested.

“He explained in great detail how he had been cutting off dead men’s genital organs and collecting them for more than ten years.” 

It took the FBI more than seven hours to gather all the organs and other pieces of evidence that were found on the site.

Dozens of federal agents were still collecting and identifying jars more than six hours after their arrival.

A dozen federal agents of the FBI’s Evidence Response Team were still identifying, collecting, and packing jars more than six hours after their arrival on the site.

A total of 53 criminal charges have already been filed against Mr. Murray and hundreds more could be filed over the next few days.

An anonymous FBI source told WNTV-4 that the number of charges could reach over 3,000.

Dave Murray will remain in custody for the moment as a psychiatric evaluation has been ordered to determine if he’s fit to stand trial.

If he is considered fit, he should appear in court in October for the beginning of the procedures.

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  1. Is he running around free in the meantime? So creepy.

  2. Obviously the dude has a penis fetish!

  3. I’m going to guess micro-penis and he wore the ones he collected to feel adequate in his insecurities. I mean, it’s not like the people he took them from were going to need them, ya know. I say if he has a micro-penis all charges should be dropped and he can pick 3 to keep out of his collection, and make him a door greeter at Wal-Mart. Everyone’s happy, win-win.

  4. WOW… Satan’s SLAVE I hope he Rot’s and burn’s in hell!!!

  5. October? They can’t get him into court before then??

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